Paramavatar Shri Krishna Leap: Who Will Play The Grown-Up Krishna?

Ashutosh Oak

May 21, 2019


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Completing 500 Episodes


Paramavatar Shri Krishna is a Hindu mythological show which has become popular all over the country. The tale of the god Krishna is entertaining as well as teaches important lessons of life. Not many of the fans are aware that the show was written in a way that soon after its launch, it was supposed to have a leap and Krishna would be shown in a grown-up avatar. But it seems like the child actor Nirnay Samadhiya who plays the role of little Krishna became everyone’s favourite and people wanted to continue watching this cute actor.

Recently, the show completed its 500 episodes and the news about taking a leap broke out. Hearing this, we were excited to see who will replace our cute little Nirnay and continue to live up to the audience’s expectations. We then thought of sharing a list of actors who we think would be suitable for the role of adult Krishna. Take a look below.

Vishal Karwal


At the beginning of the show, we saw Vishal playing the role of Lord Vishnu but later he was replaced by the actor Himanshu Malhotra. The reason wasn’t clear but we heard that Vishal had prior commitments due to which he had to take a back seat from the show. But now, we would be happy to see this actor playing adult Krishna on the show.

Mishkat Verma


Playing the role of an enthusiastic alien on the show Shaadi Ke Siyaape, we have already seen this actor doing miracles with his superpower from another planet. We can say that Mishkat has mastered the quality of showing miracles without making anyone doubt him. Also, the naughty expressions are perfect for the bill when it comes to playing the role of the most mischevious ‘natkhat’ god.

Mohit Malhotra


Currently, Mohit essays the role of Aakarsh in the horror show Daayan. The character has already won our hearts when he decided to support Janhvi and help them in saving everyone from the Daayan. In real life, Mohit is close to his mother and it won’t be wrong if we call him a Mumma’s boy in a positive sense. His looks and expressions are perfect for the role. Also in case you forgot, he will join his brother Himanshoo Malhotra who plays the role of Lord Vishnu in the show. Imagine how interesting it would be to see two brothers playing the role of Lord Vishnu and Krishna together on the same show.

Bhavya Gandhi


Bhavya Gandhi who is one actor whom we have been watching since his childhood. We are aware of his mischevious nature and intelligence be it in reel or real life. Currently, the actor plays the role of Nanku in the comedy show Shaadi Ke Siyaape where he saves marriages with his alien superpowers. The chemistry he had with his onscreen mother in the previous show is something which every mother and son dreamed of having and this is why we think he would be a good choice for the role.

Ankit Gera


You might be thinking that if it’s about adult Krishna then why are we only talking about mother and son bonding. As we all know, Krishna also had a charisma of his own and despite being dark-skinned he made the girls of Vrindavan go crazy for him. Similar is the personality of the actor Ankit Gera whom we saw on popular show Agnifera. In the show, he was shown as the most eligible bachelor, which is quite true in real life too.

Ayyaz Ahmed


Ayyaz Ahmed who was last seen in the popular show Agnifera is popular for his handsome personality and classy looks. Lord Krishna was also a great poet and a writer who himself narrated Bhagvadgeeta, the greatest holy book in the Hindu mythology. Apart from great looks and attractive personality, Ayyaz is also a great poet and his poems have a touch of love and emotions.

Kinshuk Vaidya


Kisnhuk Vaidya is blessed with the perfect features like pointed nose, eyes full of honesty and long hair, in a way he reminds us of our little Krishna Nirnay Samadhiya. If you don’t believe us then you can take a look at his picture in the Krishna avatar which also works as a brownie point for him.

We won’t be sad if he is not selected as the Krishna because he is soon coming to meet us on the show “Jaat Na Pucho Prem Ki” from 18th June 2019 at 8 pm from Monday to Friday only on And TV.

Ssudeep Sahir


As per the report from a leading newspaper, Sudeep Sahir is also in talks with the makers of the show and might be seen as the adult Krishna. It will be his debut performance in the mythological genre. Ssudeep was previously seen in the ZeeTV show Jabb Love Hua.

Apart from the character of Krishna, we are also interested to see other supporting characters like Radha and Balarama who will be replaced with their grown-up avatars. The popularity of the show is such that we are even excited to watch the look of evil Kans in his old age.

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