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Paoli Dam Shares Her Love For Coffee, Sarees And John Mayer In This Exclusive Interview

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May 5, 2021

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In an exclusive interview, Raat Baaki Hai actor Paoli Dam makes some interesting revelations about her personal as well as professional life. Read on to know more.

For the viewers, thriller movies/shows give them an intriguing experience. While they love to vibe over the suspense-driven drama, they also find themselves rooting for the fictional characters. In a similar instance, ZEE5’s latest thriller Raat Baaki Hai has become the talk of the entertainment world. While the viewers appreciated its nail-biting storyline, they are also in love with the power-packed performance by the cast. Especially Paoli Dam as Vasuki has emerged as a show-stealer.

And talking about her experience with Raat Baaki Hai, the actor recently got indulged in a fun chat with us. While she shared her shooting experience amid the pandemic, the actor also made some interesting revelations about her personal life. Check out her full interview on Unboxed with ZEE5 below:

Are you a morning person or a night person?

Paoli answered saying that she’s a night person. However, the actor went on to add that it keeps changing depending on the “different phases of life”. “Initially I used to be a morning person now I’m a night person because of night shoots, night-outs or be it just staring at the sky being dreamy, I enjoy all of these,” Paoli shared.

Tea or Coffee?

Paoli Dam is a complete cafephile. The Raat Baaki Hai actor specified that she loves black coffee and prefers “no milk, no sugar”. Paoli also added that she loves it with coffee beans and also revealed that she owns a good set of coffee-making equipment.

What is your cheat meal like?

Paoli shared that it depends on her cravings and being a “Kolkata girl” she’s a complete foodie. The actor answered that her cheat meal might include street food, bhajis, mughlai paratha etc. “I love food in any form so it can be anything,” she added.

Gym or Yoga?

The actor shared that a “mixture of both” would be a great package for her. Paoli considers gym as an endurance program while she believes that yoga has a “holistic approach” of exercise.

Sari or Jeans?

“Saree, any day,” Paoli answered promptly. She believes that every woman looks best in the sari. “It’s a very sexy outfit and I feel very comfortable with it and can wear sari at any point of time,” she added.

Best Types Of Saris

Paoli said that she prefers cotton and linen as she likes the “organic fabric”. “Wherever I travel, I keep collecting sarees from the handlooms and local weavers,” she shared. Also, naming a few types of sarees, she listed, sam silk, Kanjivaram, Lucknow chikan and sarees with mukaish work.

One bad habit of yours that no one knows about?

Being quite honest, Paoli stated, “Biting nails” as one of her bad habits.

What was the last lie that you said?

Paoli answered saying that she doesn’t remember the last time she lied. The reasoning for this, the actress stated that amid the pandemic “you hardly even meet people”. Also, she added that “lying amid such a situation” is something she would not do. Paoli also shared that she does not even get involved in trivial lies. “That’s not who I am,” she laughingly said.

Have you ever used your star status to get away?

The actress said that amid the pandemic her first outdoor experience was shooting for Raat Baaki Hai in Ranthambore. Sharing a story from the airport, Paoli said, “Wearing masks, PPE kit and the whole shield, it was like a hospital kind of atmosphere. And there was a long queue and somehow they helped me pass through earlier than other passengers.” The actress thanked the security staff for their kind gesture.

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What’s the most romantic thing you’ve done for your partner?

Paoli shared a story from her dating days with her hubby Arjun Dev. She added that Arjun is a big fan of golf. And so on his birthday, the actor gifted him some personalized golf balls. “His initials A.D and as he loves playing golf, I gifted him personalized golf balls. It had the design of ‘A.D to the power of heart’ as in infinity. For me love is eternal, so that was the thought. And he loved the gift,” Paoli revealed.

Your favourite holiday destination?

Stating the lockdown situation, Paoli jokingly said that right now she would love to go anywhere. However, the actor stated that she loves Switzerland. Also, she would prefer snow-capped places rather than any warm destination.

Favourite quote that you live by?

“Jiyo Aur Jeene Do,” Paoli answered promptly.

In a relationship, I will never _?

“Lie,” answered Paoli.

Worst comment you’ve received on social media?

“Just like good comments there are also negative ones, you receive on social media,” Paoli stated. She shared that she filters most of them. “People get judgemental based on what you’re wearing, etc. Frankly speaking, I don’t read as I like to keep away the negativity,” she answered.  

Most flattering comment you’ve received?

Precisely talking about appreciation on her film performances, Paoli shared that when people share praiseworthy notes, “It’s quite encouraging”. 

A celebrity you would want to get stuck on an island with?

“John Mayer,” Paoli answered.

Favourite Songs

Apart from John Mayer songs, Paoli shared that she’s a fan of Rabindra Sangeet. Also, she loves BB King’s music.

Weird things you’ve searched on Google?

Paoli quite honestly revealed that she scouted about whom Jony Mayer was dating. Further, she jokingly added, “I didn’t find anything”.

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Your biggest regret?

Paoli said that life is full of experiences and she has no regrets from her life. “For me being in cinema is a bonus because I never had that plan to get in this field and now I’m getting so much of love”. She thanked her fans for the same. “I don’t regret any choices I have made,” she added.

One lesson you’ve learned from your mom?

Paoli shared that her mother has always been supportive of her. “Her positivity is very infectious and I think that has touched me also,” she answered.

If you could switch your life with another one’s who would it be?

Paoli quite excitedly shared that she would like to experience Leonardo Di Caprio’s life.

Your initial reaction when you read the script of Raat Baaki Hai?

“It is the title Ballygunge that attracted me,” Paoli answered. She added that she lives in Ballygunge, Kolkata, and the film Raat Baaki Hai is based on the play of the same name. “So, that name struck me and I formed a connection with the film,” Paoli said. Also, Paoli had a quite special approach towards Raat Baaki Hai. She cited that the story had “purity of love” as an element. 

“I was intrigued by the psychological space of Vasuki’s character,” the actor shared. She also added that it is the setting of the film that got her excited.

How was it working amid the pandemic?

“The travelling part was very difficult for me,” Paoli answered. As Raat Baaki Hai was her first outdoor shoot amid pandemic it was quite difficult for her to get used to the norms. “However, when we reached Ranthambore, I was quite comfortable”. The actress added that shooting was quite a task while following the precautionary measures. “After every shot, we had to sanitize our hands, furniture, etc. Initially it was really a hard time but eventually we managed well,” Paoli was quoted saying.

How was it working with Annup Sonii and Rahul Dev?

Working for the first time with Annup, Rahul and Dipannita, “It was a great experience for me,” Paoli shared. Most of her scenes were with Annup Sonii and so they would be improvising a lot on the sets. “Annup has worked in the original play so he helped me a lot,” Paoli stated.

Any similarities you share with your character Vasuki?

“I am nowhere close to Vasuki,” Paoli answered. She added that Vasuki believed in the purity of love however, she ended up getting cheated. “I’m not bold and strong as Vasuki. I would just move out,” the actor said. She also said that it was a “rare psyche” of Vasuki that made her choose the project.

Meanwhile, stay tuned to ZEE5 for more interesting content and stories.

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