Pandaga Chesko Jukebox: Tune In To These Ram-Rakul Songs And Get The Mood Going

Sneha Bale

July 16, 2019


1 min

Life Is Beautiful

Ram Pothineni and Rakul Preet Singh came together for the hit 2015 Pandaga Chesko which entertains us at all times. One of the main elements of a masala entertainer is music and dance. And this Telugu film does not fall short on it. With powerhouse performers taking over the stage for five upbeat and entertaining songs, you can be assured of a mini-celebration just by tuning into this playlist.
The old and wise often said life is a present. It must be valued and cherished. A few parties and celebrations every now and then are necessary for us, youngsters, more than ever. Watching Ram Pothineni in the song Life Is Beautiful, in the movie Pandaga Chesko, sung by Deepak will uplift your spirits naturally.

Dorikaade Dorikaade


Bollywood hottie Sonal Chauhan raises the temperature in Dorikaade Dorikaade. The song is sung by Megha, who does justice to this peppy but jazzy track with her melodious voice. Let your inner star out as you sway to this track.

Ye Pilla Pilla


It doesn’t matter if you plan on singing this song to your ‘darling’. What matters is that you need to pick yourself up and push everyone else to the dance floor too. Ace musician Thaman has made Ye Pilla Pilla a song that we cannot resist singing along with even four years down the line.

Chuda Sakagunnave


Chuda Sakagunnave, super gunnave, that is what exactly you must tell yourself as you let yourself loose on the dance floor. Don’t worry, if you’ve got worries, Chuda Sakagunnave, sung by Thaman. S and M. M. Manasi will cure them away.

Pandaga Chesko


Simha, Geetha Madhuri and Anjana bring to life the weirdest combination of metaphors as lyrics in the title song of Pandaga Chesko. You can sit back and enjoy the lyrics, but it gets even better if you sing along and break a leg with your people. That’s the real celebration, isn’t it?

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