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Pandab Goenda: Here’s why you need to watch this exciting new show on ZEE5!


September 21, 2020

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We give you all the reasons why you will thoroughly enjoy Pandab Goenda. Check out!

Pandab Goenda is the latest Zee Bangla TV serial to be launched on ZEE5 this month. Starring actors like Rob Dey, Rishav Chakbraborty and Anumita Datta, Pandab Goenda is a detective show directed by Rahul Mukherjee. Here are just some of the reasons that you will love watching it!

Watch an episode from Pandab Goenda below:

1. Full of adventure and suspense

Pandab Goenda
Source: ZEE5

Pandab Goenda is a detective thriller where five young friends put their heads together to solve baffling mysteries while having lots of fun adventures! This is a great show to watch at home during the pandemic. You can join Babloo, Bilu, Bhombol, Bachchu, and Bichchu and experience all the excitement vicariously through them! You are sure to stay entertained without a single moment of boredom. Now that’s a plan!

2. Based on the literary classic by Sasthipada Chattopadhyay

Pandab Goenda
Source: ZEE5

Pandab Goenda, the show, has been adapted from the original series of books by author Sasthipada Chattopadhyay, which many of us grew up reading. To see it brought to life on screen truly promises to be a delightful experience! You will find that this modern contemporary adaptation to be quite relateable.

3. Excellent characters

Pandab Goenda
Source: ZEE5

The lead characters, Babloo, Bilu, Bhombol, Bachchu, and Bichchu, are all young and unique individuals. They possess different talents and traits– and they are all incredibly smart! Each one has a background which explains why they love solving cases like they do, which will intrigue you. As well, the friendship and camaraderie that they share will warm your heart.

4. Meant for all ages

Pandab Goenda
Source: ZEE5

Although the show revolves around young people, audiences across all ages will love Pandab Goenda. Kids, teenagers, adults and older folk will love the tone and pace of this refreshing new show, which will keep you engaged throughout! So tune in and join the fun today.

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