Panchatantra Review: Yogaraj’s Film Perfectly Depicts The ‘Hare And The Tortoise’ Tale

In a nutshell, Namma Bhatru has brought together the concept of slow and steady wins the race. Vihan Gowda and Rangayana Raghu will keep you gripped!

Parinika Uchil

January 11, 2020


4 min


Romance, humour, car racing and an age-old rivalry is what the Yogaraj Bhat directorial Panchatantra is all about. Well, these four points form the crux of the film. This romantic-drama film focusses on two generations of people, who are as different as two sides of the coin. The younger group is led by Karthik (played by Vihan Gowda) a car mechanic, and an older group is lead by Ranganna (Rangayana Raghu). While these two groups hate each other, the film talks about simple problems that each of the groups faces. The movie is made to look extremely relative without any extra glam. The only glamorous thing you will find is the sakkath race in the second half of the movie when both the groups’ race to the finish for a said prize (an old property). But the question here is, who will win the race?

As the film keeps getting to the main plot, a parallel story of romance keeps the audience engaged. The girl Karthik loves, Sahitya (played by Sonal Monteiro), is the daughter of his arch nemesis Ranganna. Thanks to Yogaraj Bhat, the onscreen chemistry of the lead-duo will give you some serious romantic goals. Both Vihan Gowda and Sonal have done great in giving their characters justice.

And of course, since Rangayana Raghu, the famous comedian of Sandalwood also stars in the movie, some ROFL-worthy moments are sure to hit your hard. Now, you do know that the main plot of the film will revolve around cars, but according to me, the journey of the race will connect with you on an emotional level because you see it is not about who wins the race, it is the lessons you learn along the way. In terms of the supporting cast, the contributions of other actors like Deepak Shetty and Apoorva have been praise-worthy. Not to forget, actress Akshara Gowda will be seen in a small role in this film opposite Vihan Gowda. But there will no spoilers about her role in the film today, so you will have to see Panchatantra, to know more about her character.

Coming to the music and background score of the film, V Harikrishna did great on the entertainment front. It bodes very well with the theme of the film which is cars and races. Since this is his seventh collaboration with Namma Bhatru, it is not a surprise that the duo became such a hit, musically, yet again. The sensuous song Shrungarada Hongemara, written by Yogaraj Bhat and sung by Vijay Prakash, became a blockbuster hit with over three million views on YouTube. The virtuoso Raghu Dixit too has lent his voice for the song Neene Helu Mankutimma, and guess what? The track is indeed supported with 8D sound, so plug in your earphones while listening to it.

Verdict: Like the films Mungaru Male and Mugulu Nage, you will get to see Yogaraj Bhat’s talent in a different light in Panchatantra. While it is a film dedicated to all your millennial and youngsters out there, the storyline will keep your hooked nevertheless.

What did you like best about the film? Let us know through the comments box given in the space below #Panchtantra.

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