Pakistan’s Lonely Elephant Kaavan is Set for His Relocation And A New Life in Cambodia

As Kaavan, the lonely elephant from Pakistan geared up for relocation to Cambodia, officials gathered for a farewell party!

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November 26, 2020

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The officials and well-wishers gathered for a farewell party at an Islamabad Zoo for a lonely elephant’s relocation on November 23, 2020,  Monday. The farewell party took place before the elephant, Kaavan, set off for a fresh new life in Cambodia the same week. Kaavan’s fresh start in Cambodia is a result of the constant campaigning by the animal rights advocates and the world-renowned pop star Cher. They campaigned for several years for him to be rescued from an awful living conditions and zero company.

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Kaavan was finally given the go-ahead to be airlifted to an Elephant Sanctuary on November 29, 2020. A Pakistani singer-songwriter, Aaron Haroon Rashid, reportedly said that although this movement for Kaavan began in Pakistan, it eventually went worldwide. He also thanked the Pakistani lawyers who helped in getting such a historic landmark judgement which gives the elephant, the right to freedom.

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To mark the occasion of his relocation, lawmakers and politicians of Pakistan gathered at the zoo among the balloons, farewell signs, and other decorations. The Advisor to Pakistani Prime Minister on Climate Change, Malik Amin Aslam said that although the High Court asked for the elephant to be relocated as soon as possible, the final date was delayed a little in order for Kaavan to get used to and comfortable with the container that he would be travelling in. This took some time but Kaavan was declared ready for his departure to Cambodia and the date for the same was finalised to be November 29, 2020.

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Kaavan was serenaded while he chomped away on some grass in the zoo during the farewell event. Kids posed for photos with the sweet giant while musicians performed near his enclosure. A vet from an animal rescue organisation called Four Paws bonded with Kaavan, who is known to love music, by singing him Frank Sinatra songs, even though he was known for his aggression towards human beings. Although it is a tough job to move a huge animal like Kaavan who weighs 4.8 tonnes, a Four Paws spokeswoman said that Kaavan was making the process easier for them as he was responding well to the training that was being provided to him.

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