Pakistan PM Imran Khan Replies To PM Modi’s Letter, Acknowledges The Jammu & Kashmir Issue

Pakistan PM Imran Khan has replied to PM Modi’s letter as he thanked him for the best wishes on Pakistan Day. He acknowledged PM Modi’s talks of peaceful relations and wrote about resolving the J&K conflict.

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April 1, 2021

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The cross-border conflict between India and Pakistan is known to the whole world. However, things have taken a peaceful turn between both these nations. Recently, Prime Minister Narendra Modi wrote a letter to Imran Khan on the eve of Pakistan Day. In his letter, PM Modi talked about maintaining “cordial relations” between the two nations. And now, Pakistan PM Imran Khan has replied to PM Modi’s letter as he thanked him for the best wishes.

The letter began with PM Imran thanking PM Modi for his best wishes as he talked about the importance of this national event. The citizens of Pakistan celebrate this day by “paying tribute” to the country’s great leaders, the letter read. Furthermore, PM Imran Khan acknowledged PM Modi’s talk of peaceful and cordial relations between the two nations.

He wrote that the people of Pakistan wish to maintain a healthy relationship with the country’s neighbourhood, including India. Resolving major issues would bring peace and stability in the South Asian region, he added as he highlighted the long-ranging dispute surrounding Jammu and Kashmir

The letter read, “The people Of Pakistan also desire peaceful, cooperative relations with all neighbours, including India. We are convinced that durable peace and stability in South Asia is contingent upon resolving all outstanding issues between India and Pakistan, in particular, the Jammu & Kashmir dispute.”

PM Imran Khan further mentioned that “enabling environment” is essential for an efficient and result-oriented dialogue. He further conveyed his best wishes to the Indian citizens in their battle against the Covid-19 pandemic. “I also take this opportunity to convey our best wishes for the people of India in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. Please accept, Excellency, the assurances Of my highest considerations,” the letter concluded.

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