Pakistan-Based Apps Trying To Target Military And BJP Workers

Developers of these apps wrongly claim to operate from the UK and Australia.

Sohil Nikam

August 12, 2020

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A news investigation agency has found that developers based in Pakistan could have deployed malware-based apps in India that are targeting the Indian Armed Forces as well as BJP workers. This development comes right after India’s ban on a large number of Chinese apps that were found routing Indian users’ data to servers in China. According to data available on Google’s Play Store, the developers of these Pakistan-based apps appear to be operating from the UK and Australia.

One of the Android apps that are under the lens is called ‘Indian Army PhotoSuit Editor 2020-Army Suit Editor’ and it allows users to create custom uniforms for the Indian Army, Navy and Air Force. This app has been developed by SnowBerry, a company also responsible for other applications like ‘Talking PM Imran Khan – PTI Kaptaan Talking,’ Moreover, there are a number of apps by developers like RedBeriApps and Uabrave that bear Modi and BJP imagery but seem to show malware-like behaviour.

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