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Pahile Na Me Tula: With Manasi Handing Her Resignation, Samar Decides To Revisit Past And ‘Disguise’ Himself, Twists To Expect Next!

Aboli Vaze

May 28, 2021

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A recent spoiler of Pahile Na Me Tula has revealed that Samar’s obsession is going to reach a whole new level and viewers are already hooked!

Pahile Na Ma Tula is on an interesting peak point right now. As it turns out, Manasi’s long-kept secret (that had been guiding the storyline for a while) has been revealed now. Her family members finally know she is married to Aniket and are not happy about it. Samar, Manasi’s obsessive boss, has also found out and is trying to separate them. A recent spoiler has revealed that his obsession is going to reach a whole new level and viewers are already hooked!

Here’s a gist of what happened so far – Manasi and Aniket got married secretly. They decided to keep it a secret for a while, but later told their family. While Aniket’s mom accepted it, Manasi’s parents did not. Meanwhile, Samar’s obsession with Manasi grew day by day.

Samar, who does not know the concept of boundaries, approached Manasi’s parents. He promised them that he will separate Manasi and Aniket, much to their delight. Samar obviously has reasons of his own and could not care less about the Desais. Cut to now, he has openly challenged Aniket who in return has sworn never to let Manasi go.

Pahile Na Me Tula
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A recent spoiler has revealed that Manasi is going to hand over her resignation letter. In the spoiler video, Manasi can be seen apologizing to her boss. She tells him that Aniket is really frustrated right now and that is why he spoke rudely to him. To this, Samar says, “Just because he is frustrated does not mean he can barge into my office and berate me”. Manasi apologizes on his behalf and says that “If an apology is not enough, then here is my resignation letter.”

After Manasi leaves, Samar then thinks to himself that even after relentless efforts, he is still unable to win Manasi. He then decides to ‘go back to where it all started’ and dresses up as a watchman.

Interesting twists to expect next

Samar said he is going back to ‘where it all began’ then dressed up as a security guard. He could be hinting that Samar actually saw Manasi way before joining the bank. He could have been following her disguised as a security guard and joined the bank just for her. Since he is doing all this to get ‘motivation’, it could mean he might stalk her again under disguise. He could, under disguise, plant thorns in Manasi’s marriage so she gets separated from Aniket. We’ll have to wait and watch to find out what he really does. Or, what he actually meant by ‘going back to where it started’, or why was he dressed as a security guard. Stay tuned to ZEE5 and Zee Marathi to find out what happens next.

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