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Pahile Na Me Tula: With Aniket Returning, Here’s How He Can Help His ‘Bayko’ Manasi With Her Problems

Tanvi Rumale

May 10, 2021

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Now that Aniket is all set to come back, how can he help Manasi in Pahile Na Me Tula?

Pahile Na Me Tula’s Aniket had not been physically present on the show for a couple of weeks now due to the actor testing positive for Covid-19. He has been on a video call and phone calls with Manasi and his mother, Usha on the show and are said to be away on the pretext of a tour. In the latest episode, it looks like Aniket is back for good! During the recent episode of Pahile Na Me Tula, Manasi is lost in Aniket’s dreams and is terribly missing him. He later calls her and they plan to meet after many days!

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While Aniket was absent, Manasi’s mother Nirmala’s condition worsened and she needed to be taken to the hospital. Her surgery is of utmost importance and Manasi needs help in taking care of the family. Megha wanted to take the easy way out and use Samar’s blank cheque but now that Aniket is back, he will back Manasi and they will never resort to that situation.

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Samar has also given Manasi her advance salary but has also reminded them of Manasi-Manohar’s wedding. Now that Aniket is here, he could help Manasi tell her parents the truth. They could take it, one person, at a time! We know that Manasi’s father is out of town right now, so Manasi and Aniket could break the news to Nirmala and calm her down when she gets angry. They can, together, get her to support them and bless them too. Then even Manasi’s father will not remain too tough a nut to crack!

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We think that Aniket and Manasi need to tell everyone the truth as soon as possible because Samar and Manohar are closing in on them and they might leave them with no other option than to go through with the marriage!

Source: ZEE5

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Aniket will definitely help Manasi handle the Manohar situation. Samar has brought Manohar to the office and also told everyone that they will be marrying soon! Aniket could threaten Manohar or could intimidate him by meeting him face-to-face. Then once Manohar stops bothering Manasi during work, she will have a better work-life and she will be able to manage her house well as well.

Aniket could also become Manasi’s helper in trying to bridge the gap between Megha and her newly introduced and estranged husband, Satyajit.

What do you think Aniket will do?

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