Pahile Na Me Tula: With 20 Days To Go For Her Wedding, Some Problems That Manasi Needs To Tackle Ahead!

Will Manasi be able to tackle her problems in 20 days in Pahile Na Me Tula?

Pahile Na Me Tula is currently going through a rise in drama and at one point, things will have to unravel. We know that Aniket and Manasi are in love and have married secretly because Manasi was afraid it would not happen otherwise. Aniket works as a cab driver and he has kept his job hidden from his mother. Manasi works under Samar who knows about her love for Aniket and it bothers him too much. He has roped in Manohar as Manasi’s would-be husband and Manasi’s family likes Manohar. In the latest episode, it is revealed that Manasi’s wedding to Manohar is to take place within 20 days! Here are all the problems that she will have to face:

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To keep a secret or to not?

Till now, Manasi has remained quite successful in keeping her marriage a secret from her family, but with her new wedding only 20 days away, she will have to put an end to this charade. She is definitely afraid of doing so because not just her family but Uma Maushi, Samar and Manohar are also involved in this matter. She had married Aniket secretly because she was afraid that her father would fix her wedding with someone else while Aniket tries to secure a good job. Her initial plan was to wait till Aniket has a good and stable job and then go to her parents with the news that she is in love, and wants to marry Aniket. She hoped that things would go smoothly, but Aniket failed to do so and secured a job as a cab driver instead. And with Samar’s increasing interest in her wedding looming over her, Manasi married Aniket in a panicked move. Now, it is getting hard to keep up with the lies.

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When Nirmala noticed Manasi’s chain and locket, she was surprised, but Megha saved herself from further questions. But in the coming episode, we will see that Samar brings the Desai family’s attention to Manasi’s locket. Will she take this opportunity to reveal the truth or hide it? She will have to reveal the truth at some point in these 20 days if she does not want to be married off to Manohar (or Samar). She will have to do this extremely carefully and beware of Samar.

Samar’s increasing involvement in her affairs

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Samar is not only bossing her around at work, but he is also now a frequent visitor at her house. Her parents love Samar and admire him a lot. They take his word to be the gospel truth and now they trust him to have gotten the “right” man for Manasi in the form of Manohar. With Samar now bringing gifts from Manohar’s side and making the wedding a fixed deal, Manasi will have to find a way to keep Samar away, or he could ruin everything for her.

Manasi’s workplace issues

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Manasi is hated by one of the women in the office, Ms Neelam because she is well-liked by Samar. When Samar time and again favours Manasi, Neelam hates it. Now that she has heard it from Samar’s mouth, that he indeed likes and prefers Manasi, Neelam might try to drag Manasi’s image down at work and insult her. Bhope too knows how much Samar likes Manasi and could view her in an unprofessional light while Manasi is just trying to do her job.

Will Manasi emerge out victorious at the end of these 20 days? Or will she be married to Samar by the end of it?

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