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Pahile Na Me Tula: Though Manasi Is Now Married, Samar Still Has These Things Under His Control That Could Ruin Her Happiness!

Tanvi Rumale

May 26, 2021

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Here are all the things Samar still has under his control that can meddle with Manasi even though she is now married in Pahile Na Me Tula!

When the truth about Manasi’s marital status was revealed on Pahile Na Me Tula, it seemed like it was the end of the world for Samar. Samar, who was actually Manasi’s boss at Lankari Finance has been obsessed with her since the first moment he laid eyes on her. Her simple beauty, her innocence and her wisdom are what caught his eye and when she refused his advances unlike everyone else, he was hooked. He needed to have her and capture her heart like she was a thing on his bucket list. But once he found out that she had secretly married Aniket, he was shocked! After all, he had made so many efforts, created so many situations where she and her family were manipulated into liking him and he wanted to marry Manasi!

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Still, he picked himself up because he realised that he has control over three main things that could change Manasi’s life!

Manasi’s family

The Desais love Samar like their own and are very respectful towards him. They hang on to his every word and are grateful to have him around all the time. He is included in family matters and regarded with affection. Manasi’s father Rajan especially thinks that Samar is a remarkable man and listens to him. Samar has in the past manipulated them into doing things. Samar can still do this with the Desais. Right now, Rajan is angry with Manasi and refuses to speak to her. Samar can add more fuel to the fire and convince Rajan to make Manasi leave Aniket. If something like this happens, Manasi will choose her father’s will over her heart and Samar could have her!

A still from Pahile Na Me Tula
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Manasi’s work

He is still her boss at her workplace. He can take advantage of his senior position and bully her at work. He can insult her and he can also brew trouble in her life. He can do this by burdening her with work and forcing her to stay for long hours at work. He could create misunderstandings between her and Aniket which could result in the breaking of their marriage. He could also try to still woo her with all kinds of favours at work and show her the difference between his love and its benefits vs Aniket’s.

Pahile Na Me Tula Samar Manasi
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Right now, no one except Bhope and Samar know that Satyajit is actually working for Samar and is being sent to the Desai house on the behest of Samar. Satyajit could be his secret weapon. An inside view of the Desai family and their conditions will help Samar manipulate them better. And, through Satyajit, he can create problems in the Desai family which will also make it an issue for Manasi. He can destroy their peace from within and then act like the hero and solve their problems! This would definitely get him points with Manasi!

What else do you think Samar can still do?

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