Pahile Na Me Tula: Samarpratap’s Character Has Shades Of Darr’s Rahul Mehra And We Can Prove It!

Samarpratap from Pahile Na Me Tula and the iconic Rahul Mehra from Darr seem to be long-lost brothers. Here’s why we agree upon it.

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April 12, 2021


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The new wave content on television has triggered a much-needed change in storytelling. While the larger-than-life version of stories has lost their essence, the audience is eager for more lifelike stories. And Zee Marathi has always been at the forefront when it comes to delivering experimental yet relatable dramas. Also, one interesting aspect that has been constant is that these shows have some great references to iconic film characters. And the viewers are in love with these Easter eggs! Saying so, Pahile Na Me Tula’s Samarpratap has some striking shades of SRK’s applauded character Rahul Mehra from Darr.

The show has evolved as a romantic thriller with ample twists and fans are loving this intriguing side of romance. While the audience is rooting for Aniket and Manasi’s blooming romance, they also love to hate Samarpratap’s devious persona. Though we hate his character, Samarpratap has a vital play in the story just like Darr’s Rahul Mehra.

Both these characters seem none other than long-lost brothers and here’s why.

An Evil Stalker

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Right from the beginning of the story, Samarpratap has unnecessarily indulged in Aniket and Manasi’s lives. From secretly capturing their pictures to keeping an eye on their acts, Samarpratap has been an evil stalker just like Rahul Mehra. Alike Mehra, Samarpratap too planned many stratagems to create problems for Aniket and Manasi. Also, Bhope has been a villainous assistant to Samar who guides him well in his infamous acts.


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Samarpratap is a step ahead of Rahul Mehra when it comes to being a self-centered personality. He sustains his decent and mature persona to impress others but is quite egoistic in reality. Remember the first time when he got aware of Manasi’s love affair with Aniket, he claimed to Bhope that Manasi will choose him over Aniket without any second thought. Eventually, his self-belief was crushed by Manasi when she taunted him for his devious acts.


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While Rahul fell in love with his classmate, Samarpratap’s story was love at first sight with his colleague Manasi. What began as love soon morphed into obsession and a war of egos. Samarpratap’s obsession for Manasi increased over time. Soon he became a regular visitor at her house and very cleverly he did befriend Manu’s family.

Also, remember the instance where Samar beat up a young man for spreading rumours against Manasi. Though it was pre-planned, Samarpratap’s obsession is marking new heights.

Troublemaker Of A Love Story

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In Darr, Sunil and Kiran were a loving couple and Rahul became a troublemaker of their love story. Similarly, Samar has been a conflicted side to Aniket and Manasi’s loving bond. He has almost vowed that he’ll never let the duo reunite with each other. Also, in the recent episode, we saw Samar making a promise to himself that he’ll have to come up with a new plan to make Manasi fall for him.

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