Pahile Na Me Tula: Samar Makes A Drunk Promise Of A Gift To Manasi; Any Guesses What Could It Be?

Will Samar’s new “gift” add to Manasi’s problems in Pahile Na Me Tula?

Tanvi Rumale

April 26, 2021


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Pahile Na Me Tula has been having some very interesting problems cropping up for our lead, Manasi Desai. Her marriage to Aniket is still a secret that needs to be revealed to her parents, or she might end up getting married to Manohar. What she doesn’t know is that she could be married to Samar instead! All of this wedding drama could occur at the backdrop of Manasi’s mother’s leg surgery and the financial crisis of the Desai household. And now, Samar could bring up another problem to add to the mix: his “gift.”

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Manasi takes over Miss Neelam’s presentation and delivers a great one by herself which leads to Lankari Finance getting a new deal. Manasi is very proud of herself and even Samar and the others appreciate her efforts. The following night when Manasi gets back home, she waits for Aniket’s call but instead sees Samar calling her. Samar has been drinking alcohol with Bhope, his assistant and they have been talking about Manasi.

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Bhope asks Samar why he loves Manasi and Samar confesses that he does not love her, but wants to have her. He likes a challenge and Manasi is the toughest challenge he has faced. He says that love is a useless feeling and he could never feel it. But he understands wanting someone and getting girls to fall for him. The fact that Manasi does not pay him any heed and does not give in to anything he tries is what irks him the most and that is solely the reason why he wants her. Bhope suggests in his drunken state that Samar should give Manasi a gift for her presentation and take her out and make her feel special.

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Samar calls Manasi in that state and tells her he wishes to gift her something. He asks her what she wants. She says there’s nothing, and ends the conversation. Samar then decides that he will give her something very special. What could this be?

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We think that it could be money for Nirmala’s operation. Samar could find out that Megha has used the cheque and he could graciously accept to pay the money for Nirmala’s surgery and instead of hiding it, he could slyly bring it up in front of the Desais so that they can be grateful to him and Manasi too could give him some more respect and attention.

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He could buy her a wedding dress maybe since he seems to be obsessed with getting married and will want to see her in immaculate clothes that the Desais might not be able to afford. Another thing he could do is create a situation where Manasi and Samar are alone together and Manasi is forced to spend time with him. This will give Samar more time to try and make her fall for him and also get her to know him better.

What do you think this gift will be?

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