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Pahile Na Me Tula: Manasi-Aniket Hilariously Break Down ‘Secrets To Happy Marriage’

Aboli Vaze

May 12, 2021

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Pahile Na Me Tula’s newlyweds Manasi & Aniket shared ‘secrets to a happy marriage’ in the most hilarious way and we loved it! Read

Aniket and Manasi are one of our favourite couples of Zee Marathi shows. While their marriage may be a secret, but they already know how to make it work. In fact, the newlyweds recently shared ‘secrets to a happy marriage’, in the most hilarious way and we loved it. We must say, no matter what happens or what Samar has in store for them, we know these two can handle anything. Having said that, let us take a look at their adorable ways to a happy marriage!

Watch the latest episode of Pahile Na Me Tula here:

Household Chores

Manasi and Aniket’s first secret to a happy marriage is doing chores together. Especially on the weekends! Take a look at this adorable photo below. Here, Aniket can be seen cleaning a fan while Manasi is trying to snatch the broomstick from him. Don’t they look cute?

Shopping list

In the second picture of the carousel, Manasi can be seen preparing a shopping list while Aniket is goofily snooping around. His advice to other husbands is that when your wife is preparing a shopping list, it’s best not to interfere. What do you think about his advice?

Folding clothes

Their next secret is doing simple tasks together such as washing utensils, folding clothes and doing other household work together. It looks like the couple believes in thoughtful gestures and finding joy in small things. They’re not much about grand gestures when it comes to making a marriage work.

Holding hands

Their ‘last but not the least’ advice is holding your wife’s hand and complimenting her! Well, we all love compliments and such a sweet gesture is sure to win any girl’s heart!

As you know, Manasi and Aniket are secretly married. However, her marriage has been fixed with another man as no one knows she is with Aniket. If they find out, it is sure to alter their lives forever. Meanwhile, Manasi’s boss Samar, who is obsessed with her is hellbent on marrying her. If he finds out the truth, he is sure to unleash his diabolical side and ruin their lives! However, we’re sure no matter what happens, these two will make it all work. Stay tuned to ZEE5 and Zee Marathi to find out what happens next on the show.

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