Pahile Na Me Tula: List Of Clues That Manasi Could Look At, To Understand Samar’s Plan!

From costly jewellery to Manohar, all the suspicious things that Samar is doing that Manasi needs to take notice of in Pahile Na Me Tula!

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April 27, 2021



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Pahile Na Me Tula’s Manasi has been dragged into a marriage drama she has no wish to participate in and it’s all thanks to her boss, Samarpratap Jahagirdar. From the first day he laid his eyes on her, he has wanted her to be his but all of his ploys have failed as Manasi did not give him any necessary attention ever. Then Samar decided to enter her house and build a rapport with Manasi’s parents which he succeeded in doing since he is a master manipulator. He made himself seem like a genuinely caring and loving person who just wants the best for Manasi. He also made himself look a little pitiable by constantly talking about how alone he was in this world without family which made the Desais want to love him more.

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Recently, Manasi seems to be getting tired of Samar’s involvement in her life and cannot seem to understand what he is thinking. So we think that she needs a list of clues to properly think it through and find out the truth behind Samar’s actions!

His over-involvement in her wedding with Manohar

Right in the beginning, Samar promised Manasi that she would marry someone within a month and this is what scared Manasi into taking the big and risky step of secretly marrying Aniket without informing her parents. Samar has ever since taken the responsibility of Manasi’s marriage and he was the one to introduce Manohar to the Desais. The family trusts Manohar because Samar has roped him in but Manasi does not like him at all. Yet, Samar tries to convince her and the family time and again about marrying him. If Manasi figures this out, she will be able to unravel Samar’s plan!

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Samar asking about Aniket

Manasi must also notice how Samar asks about Aniket often. And he also knows a lot about their relationship. In one of the recent episodes, he quotes the song, “Tu pyaar hai kisi aur ka, tujhe chahta koi aur hai,” and asks her if she’s ever been in love. He’s also previously asked her what Aniket means to her. He wants her to talk about Aniket so that he can hear the truth and he might reveal it to the Desais.

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His showering of gifts

He was the one to buy jewellery for Manasi even though she did not want anything of the sort. He said that Manohar was the one to buy it and has specially sent it for her. When Manasi calls Manohar to ask him why he sent the gifts, he tells her that he didn’t and that it was actually Samar who bought them! Why is Samar buying gifts for Manasi’s wedding? Especially costly jewellery?

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In the last episode, Samar also promised a gift to Manasi for doing well in her presentation. Manasi needs to think about these gifts and realise the intention with which Samar is giving them!

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His blank cheque

Not just gifts, Samar also gave the Desais a blank cheque for future use, for the wedding. He wants to take care of the costs well. Why does a boss want to take care of an employee’s wedding to the point of paying for everything? There is something extremely suspicious about that and it needs urgent investigation by Manasi!

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While Manasi has decided to return the check to Samar, she could ask him directly why he is doing all these things. But Samar might not give himself away easily, so Manasi could try and overhear his conversations with Bhope to find the truth. We know that Bhope has become one person with whom Samar can discuss his strategies and plans. So, if Manasi can try and overhear their conversations she could find out more.

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Otherwise, she could also investigate Manohar and his background. She will definitely find that he is married and the marriage could then get cancelled. We hope Manasi looks hard and long at these clues and decides a course of action soon!

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