Pahile Na Me Tula: Is Samar’s Plan To Swap Grooms And Marry Manasi Without Her Consent?

Here’s what Pahile Na Me Tula’s Samarpratap could do to marry Manasi.

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April 15, 2021


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In Pahile Na Me Tula, we have been seeing how Samar is making Manohar act as a prospective groom for Manasi. Manasi has come clean to Manohar that she has an affair outside, and is not interested in marriage with him, but upon Samar’s orders, Manohar persists. Samar has brought in Manohar for two reasons: one, to look good in front of Manasi’s family and keep up his dependable image, and two, to be able to swoop in at the right time and marry Manasi himself. In the coming episode, he will finally reveal his plan!

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Manohar is Samar’s pawn. Everything that Manohar says and does is all directed by Samar. Samar is the one who asks Manohar to visit Manasi at her office and trouble her during the Holi celebrations. Even when Aniket calls him up and threatens him to stop harassing Manasi, Samar is listening to the conversation in the background. In the latest episode, he even brings up Aniket in front of Manasi and tries to put him down by calling him a “taxiwala” friend, but Manasi gives it to him by explaining that Aniket’s friendship means everything to her.

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This irks Samar even more and he bleeds by poking himself with his keys. He hates Aniket with all his being and wants Manasi to be only his. He reveals to Manohar that his wedding with Manasi will take place and even on cards, it will be Manohar’s name that will be written, but the man who will marry Manasi will be Samar and Samar only.

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We think that Samar will either swap places with Manohar last minute, or he will create a situation where Manasi will be maligned and Manohar will be absent. Then, he will act like her knight in shining armour and do the “righteous” thing by marrying Manasi himself. Or at least this is what we think he is thinking. But what will happen when Samar finds out that Manasi is married already?

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He could find a way to nullify their marriage and then manipulate everyone into thinking that he is the “right” man for Manasi and not Aniket since Aniket tried to marry Manasi secretly. He could find a loophole like Aniket and Manasi’s marriage not being registered or happening without the blessings of elders to nullify their wedding.

We have been seeing a more dangerous Samar recently. When he pushes a client into the pool for just looking at Manasi and when he is so angered by Manasi’s praise of Aniket that he makes himself bleed, these incidents show that Samarpratap is really capable of anything. And that his obsession with wanting to marry Manasi has only grown in the last couple of episodes.

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We cannot wait to see what this villain does next.

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