Pahile Na Me Tula: Is Megha’s Past Manasi’s Future? Here’s Why We Think It Is!

In Pahile Na Me Tula, here’s how history could repeat itself in Manasi’s house.

Tanvi Rumale

April 6, 2021


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On the new Zee Marathi show Pahile Na Me Tula, things have been taking a turn in almost every episode. Samar has made Manasi feel guilty and horrible about her slap on Holi. This has led to her being nice to Samar for a while. He also got to spend more time at Manasi’s house and interact with her parents. Currently, Nirmala, Manasi’s mother is having a health scare and the family is worried about the same. Samar too is showing his concern about the same to remain in the good books of the family. In the latest episode, we saw how the ladies of the neighbourhood confronted Megha.

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The women of the society confront Megha in a taunting tone and ask her about her estranged husband. Megha is clearly not in the mood to talk but the women don’t care about that. They remind her that she made a mistake by not letting her parents choose the groom for her. They said that such marriages usually do not last. They asked her if she will patch up things with her husband and go back or not. They laugh thinking that Rajan’s one daughter has already had a failed marriage, and the second daughter could follow in her footsteps! This really upsets Megha.

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Manasi may have dealt with her situation by getting secretly married to Aniket, but we think she should have waited longer. Megha too should have pondered over this big step a bit more before giving in to Manasi and supporting her. From what we know so far, Megha fell in love with a boy named Satyajit and married him. It was a love marriage, which was not really supported by her parents. But she came back home when she began to realise that Satyajit is not the person she thought he was.

In some of the previous episodes, we have seen that Satyajit has tried to contact Megha and meet her, but she does not want to. After this conversation when she comes home, she is clearly disturbed and lost in her own angry thoughts. We see Manasi in the background, cooking in the kitchen, without a care in the world. The scene feels like a foreshadowing of what is about to come.

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We know that Manasi and Aniket have secretly married each other. But presently, Aniket does not have a job that suits him and is working as a driver. Manasi knew that her father would not agree to the marriage without Aniket having a proper, stable job. If the truth about their marriage comes out, Manasi will be insulted just like Megha. And, Rajan’s pride will take the biggest blow as he would have had both his daughters disobeying him. This could cause a strain in Manasi and Aniket’s relations as well. And we must not forget that Samar is a big stakeholder in this whole drama. He could cause some serious trouble and history could repeat itself and the family could find themselves with another broken marriage!

This would not have been the case if Megha had been more reflective and wiser. Her own experience should have held her back from supporting Manasi’s whim of getting married. No matter how the news of the secret wedding breaks, there is sure to be a lot of tears.

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