Pahile Na Me Tula: Here’s Why We Think That Samar Has Found The Perfect Way To Manasi’s heart!

Manasi slapping Samar will cost her a big deal! Here’s why we think he’ll use the same incident to get closer to her in the future.

Tanvi Rumale

April 7, 2021



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It has only been one month since Pahile Na Me Tula has premiered but Manasi, Aniket and Samar have already captured our hearts. Manasi with her adorable nature, Aniket with his devmanus like character and Samar with his relentless manipulator role! Currently on the show, during the Holi celebrations, Samar made Manohar trouble Manasi and then induced the environment such that she ended up slapping Samar by mistake. While Samar did this on purpose, he tried to act insulted and hurt and this, in turn, made Manasi feel very guilty. Samar is not only her boss, but he is also someone that her parents respect greatly and the incident makes Manasi feel extremely sorry for her actions.

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We have previously seen Samar’s ploys and how he has targeted people around Manasi to get what he wanted. He has made himself look high and mighty in front of Manasi’s parents. He has made himself look trustworthy and caring by taking on Manasi’s wedding’s responsibility and even proved how nice he was when he brought Manohar as a prospective groom. Now, by making Manasi slap him out in the public, he has made himself look like the victim. He portrays being hurt by Manasi’s behaviour so that everyone colours Manasi in a bad light and this forces her to come to him!

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Manasi visits Samar’s office with a sorry look on her face and apologises to him twice. This way of getting Manasi to come to him and proves that Manasi has a strong moral compass and feels ashamed and guilty for even remotely hurting anyone. Samar can use exactly this again and again now that she has publicly humiliated him. He already makes her wipe the colour off his face with her handkerchief. He also makes her feel nice as she offers him a box of Puran Poli and is delighted to see him happily eat them.

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Samar could use Manasi’s same guilt time and again now. He could create more such misunderstandings to get closer to Manasi and this could be the way to her heart! At the end of their talk, once Manasi leaves, Samar is seen talking to himself and he says that he will not forgive her so easily as it is now more of an ego issue. We are hence sure that he will use this same incident at least a couple of times more and it will be very interesting to see how Manasi reacts to this!

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