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Pahile Na Me Tula: From Having Best Of Both Worlds To Things Going Downhill, How Manasi’s Life Has Taken A Complete Turn!

Tanvi Rumale

May 19, 2021

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Read to find out how Pahile Na Me Tula’s Manasi’s life took a U-turn in the recent episodes!

Pahile Na Me Tula‘s Manasi once had it all. She had a good job, she took care of her parents and financially managed the house while also spending time with her husband, Aniket. Since Aniket lives close by in the same apartment, Manasi could spend enough time with him whenever she wanted and also take care of her parents and sister. So while she lived in her parents’ house, she was able to enjoy some marital bliss. This was because she was afraid to tell her family the truth that she had secretly married Aniket in a moment of fear.

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Manasi was forced to take this drastic step because Samar did not show any hope of stopping when it came to her marriage. He found Manasi a groom and convinced her father Rajan that he is suitable for Manasi as well. Manasi tried to tell Manohar to back out of the wedding, but he did not listen. Now that Manasi’s truth is out, her parents are devastated!

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Nirmala is shocked and Rajan is so hurt that he finds no reason to live anymore because his beloved daughter chose to hide such a huge matter from him. In the latest episode of Pahile Na Me Tula, we see an extremely shaken Rajan decide to take his own life! He is so affected by Manasi’s truth that he decides to lock himself up in a room and hang himself from the ceiling fan!

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The rest of the family try to convince him to come out by pleading and crying but to no avail. Rajan doesn’t listen to anyone until Samar shows up and tries to talk to him! Samar himself is shocked beyond his mind as he never thought Manasi would have been capable of taking such a decision! He tries to apologise to Rajan and convince him that Manasi will do as he wants if he comes out.

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A teary Manasi desperately agrees to do whatever her father asks her to do, even if it means that she must leave Aniket! We see how Manasi goes from a strong woman who chooses her own groom and life to someone who is ready to sacrifice her love for her father’s life. Aniket and Manasi are in for some more pain and troubles and this could come from both Rajan and Samar.

Now that Manasi’s truth is out, her life will become full of sorrow where parents will probably not trust her as they used to before and Samar might definitely stir things up for her at work.

What do you think will happen next in Manasi’s life?

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