Pahile Na Me Tula: By Using Samar’s Blank Cheque, Megha And The Desai’s Will Be Indebted To Samar, Here’s How He Can Take Advantage

What do you think Samar will do when he realises Megha has used his blank cheque in Pahile Na Me Tula?

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April 23, 2021


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In Pahile Na Me Tula, Manasi is away on a work trip with Samar and other employees of Lankari Finance. Meanwhile, Aniket too is busy with his cab rides and the two have not seen each other in a few days. In the latest episode of the show, Manasi’s mother Nirmala starts feeling a lot of pain and discomfort in her legs and this worries everyone at home. Nirmala had decided to not get an operation done until after Manasi’s marriage. And, recently it was decided that Manasi will marry Manohar in less than twenty days. While Nirmala tried to hold out on her operation, her legs did not listen to her.

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Manasi’s father decides that it is time to take Nirmala to the hospital. Usha Maushi and he carry Nirmala and take her and leave Megha at home. A worried Megha wonders how they will be able to manage their finances. A surgery for Nirmala will cost a fortune and they do not have that kind of money after Rajan lost his savings.

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She prays to God in front of their temple and then notices the blank cheque from Samar. It looks like Megha is left with no choice but to use this cheque for her mother’s surgery. Manasi will not like this idea at all because Samar is already over-involved with her family. Now to be indebted to him will only worsen this.

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For Samar, this is an absolute win-win situation. He will love the attention and the stroke to his ego for being seen as important, trustworthy and generous. He will love that Manasi’s parents, who respect him already will be forever grateful for his help, and in turn, will be willing to do anything for him. This could make his plan of marrying Manasi easier than ever.

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All he has to do is make Manohar look like the bad guy at the final moment and then take his place as a righteous person. He could also directly start to insinuate that he should also settle down and marry someone. He could ask the Desai’s to help him and then the grateful Desai’s could come up with the idea of Manasi or Megha marrying Samar and bring him into the family!

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Even if Manasi’s secret wedding’s truth comes out, Samar could take the righteously angry do-gooder role who made so many efforts for her wedding only to be cheated at the final moment. The Desais could feel horrible and take a huge step!

What do you think Samar will do when he realises Megha has used his blank cheque?

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