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Pahile Na Me Tula: Aniket Warns Samarpratap Of His Wicked Acts, Here’s How Chaos Might Ensue Ahead!

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May 26, 2021

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Recently, Aniket warned Samarpratap of his devious ploys and the latter was completely stunned. This has raised our expectations for the drama that lays ahead!

What makes a romance story worth remembering? While the sweet love story of our leads is a thematic factor, it is the conflicts that makes a romantic tale unforgettable. This aspect of a story is not easy to pull off, however, a few TV shows have managed to do so while entertaining the audience. And Zee Marathi’s Pahile Na Me Tula belongs to the same league. In Aniket and Manasi’s love saga, Samarpratap as an obsessive lover has created a lot of problems.

Samar never misses on any opportunity to trouble the lovebirds Aniket and Manasi. While many times he tries to create a rift between the duo, persuading the Desais has been his effective formula. However, we saw an unexpected change in the story as Aniket has decided to take the lead. Recently, he warned Samarpratap of his wicked acts and the latter was completely stunned.

This has raised our expectations for the drama that lays ahead. So, here’s taking a look at what we can expect.

Samarpratap’s Promise

A still from Pahile Na Me Tula
Source: ZEE5

Recently, Samarpratap gifted divorce papers to Aniket and Manasi. And this left Aniket completely furious. Along with Manasi, he reached Samar’s office and warned him of his wicked acts. Though Samar was left stunned he revealed the truth about the promise he made to Manasi’s father, Rajan. For those unaware, Samar had promised Rajan that he’ll make Aniket and Manasi part ways, going to any extent!

And even after Aniket’s warning, Samar is quite firm on his decision. Well, this will definitely lead to some chaotic situations ahead. It would be interesting to see how Aniket and Manasi overcome these problems.

Manasi Taking A Stand

A still from Pahile Na Me Tula
Source: ZEE5

Samarpratap’s revelation about the ‘promise’ will leave Manasi completely shattered. We might see her approaching the Desais and clearing the issues, once and for all. On the other hand, Usha and Megha are trying their best to make Rajan realize his mistake. And now, Manasi taking a stand will bring in ample drama ahead. It might create more problems in their already troubled father-daughter relationship.

Aniket’s Plan To Expose Samar!

A still from Pahile Na Me Tula
Source: ZEE5

Aniket was well-aware of Samar’s devious acts but he never reacted to it. However, now that he has decided to get Samar down, we might see him weaving plans to expose Samar. And this would be another interesting subplot in the story. Well, that would be the first step to solve all the problems. And if he manages to expose Samar’s real intentions, Rajan might realize his mistake.

Meanwhile, stay tuned to ZEE5 for more interesting content and stories.

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