Pahile Na Me Tula: All The Times Samar Tried To Swoop In As A Knight In Shining Armour For The Desais

Read about five incidents where Saamr tried to acting the hero that he isn’t in Pahile Na Me Tula.

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May 18, 2021


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Pahile Na Me Tula‘s Samar is the archetype of a manipulative, rich villain. His love for Manasi is just crazy obsession. He does not love her from his heart but wants to have her because she is a “challenge” for him and has not fallen prey to his charms as other women have. He does not care about society and its notions and in fact, does not respect Manasi’s personal life and privacy either. Time and again, we see Samar interfere in Manasi’s family matters and try to look like their knight in shining armour! Take a look at some of these incidents.

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When Manasi was insulted

In the beginning, when a suitor came to see Manasi, one of the persons from the groom’s side visited Manasi’s office to confirm whether Manasi works there. He wanted to know how she is and what work she does. Samar made Bhope talk about Manasi’s relationship with Aniket and how she spends a lot of time with him post-work before going back home. When this man visited the Desai household with allegations of Manasi having an affair, Samar stood up for Manasi, berated the man and forced him to apologise to her. Samar did this to look good in front of the Desais and to them, he became a respectable man who cares for Manasi!

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When he took up the responsibility of finding Manasi a groom

After the first suitor’s Rishta was botched, Samar proclaimed that he cares for all his employees deeply as he has no other family. He promised Rajan that he will find Manasi a suitable groom who will be qualified and respectable and with whom Manasi will be very happy. The Desais are overjoyed to hear this news as they want Manasi to be married quickly. But Samar only does this so that he can fit in a groom that he can control and marry Manasi himself at the final moment!

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When he helped find Rajan

In one episode when Rajan’s bank had an issue and his bank account was mysteriously emptied, Rajan was shell-shocked. All his life’s savings had disappeared in an instant and he wanted to end his own life. He ran away from the house and wandered aimlessly on the streets. When Samar saw Manasi and Aniket fret over this, he offered to help them find Rajan. He actually didn’t care about Rajan and just wanted to spend time with Manasi, but decided to help out as he wanted to look like the saviour.

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When he gave Manasi a bonus

After knowing about Manasi’s financial situation, Samar decided to give Manasi a bonus even though she was a new employee and had not completed enough time in the company to receive one. Samar was extremely biased when he decided to give Manasi a bonus. Manasi obviously declined his offer and he was left fuming in anger. He wanted to help Manasi out so that she would be indebted to him for his kindness, but Manasi wanted no such thing.

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When he convinced Rajan to come out of his room

In the latest episode, when Rajan was livid with anger as Manasi’s marriage was revealed, he locked himself up in his room and decided to end his life by hanging himself from the ceiling fan. This is when Samar swoops in as the hero and talks to Rajan. He engages him in conversation and supports his side. He asks Rajan to come out and convinces him that Manasi will do as he likes if he does. It is only then that Rajan comes out! While everyone thinks that Samar truly cares for Rajan, in reality, Samar used this vulnerable moment to get a promise out of Manasi: that she will do as her father says and she will choose her father over her husband, Aniket.

Isn’t Samar just too clever?

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