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Pahile Na Me Tula: All The Times Manasi Proved She Was Her Father Rajan Desai’s True Daughter!

Tanvi Rumale

May 17, 2021

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Pahile Na Me Tula’s Manasi often reminds us of her father, Rajan Desai. Read to find out why!

Pahile Na Me Tula’s Rajan Desai is a simple and honest man. He has a set of morals that he has lived by and is unbending when it comes to them. He often comes across as too moralistic or too idealistic but he has a good heart. He often tries to teach not just his family, but also others in the society about good habits and morals as well. Many in society find him annoying and insult him if his family does something wrong, but he pays no heed to them! We think that Manasi is just like her father and these instances prove it!

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When she refuses Samar’s help of a bonus

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Sometime back when Rajan’s bank account was emptied under mysterious circumstances, the Desais were almost broke. Manasi’s work was the only income they were getting. Samar knew of this situation and tried to take advantage of this. He wanted to look like the saviour and tried to hand Manasi a bonus so that it would help her and she would be indebted to him. Manasi flat-out denied accepting a bonus because she knew she was still a new employee and she felt undeserving of it! Rajan was very proud of her for doing this too!

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When she sat through the Manohar drama and didn’t say a word

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In the latest episode, when Samar brought Manohar and his fake relatives to Manasi’s house and pressurised the Desais to complete Manasi’s engagement, she was restless and did not want to partake in any of this. In fact, Aniket was waiting for her and she wanted to be with him. Still, she sat at the gathering in a nice saree and did not say much. She did not speak against her father or Samar and this proves how she is extremely respectable. She is calm and mature and knows that she should get through this in a clean manner, just like her father who very gracefully denies getting Manasi engaged to Manohar!

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When she refuses to use Samar’s blank cheque

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Samar had given the family a blank cheque in case they needed it for the marriage and Nirmala’s operation. When Rajan goes to his village and finds that he will need money for an old court case as well, Megha realises that they do not have enough money to sustain with just Manasi’s salary. She decides to use Samar’s cheque but Manasi refuses to do this. She does not want to be indebted to her boss and her morals in this scene remind us of her father! Later, she even tries to hand the cheque back to Samar!

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When she rightfully asks for an advance but refuses to play a game for it

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Manasi refuses to use Samar’s cheque but asks him for an advanced salary for a couple of months. She thinks that this is her right and she can do so as it is in fact her own money. She is a capable and trustworthy employee who always does good work and she thinks that she can get it. But when Samar tells her that he needs to know that she can be trusted with it, he makes her play a dangerous knife game. She refuses to play it as she tells him that if he does not trust her then there is no need for him to give her the money, but she will not play that game to prove anything. We love how strong and confident she is!

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Manasi refuses to spend time with Samar outside the office hours

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Manasi does not believe in being overly social with the boss. Unlike Neelam who tries to gain professional favours by behaving flirty and complimenting Samar, Manasi does not wish to spare a moment more with him if it’s not work-related. She is a professional woman who does not believe in climbing the ladder using such methods and never encourages Samar to shower her with special treatment either. In fact, it irks her when he does give her special treatment in front of the other employees!

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Do you think she’s a lot like Rajan too?

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