Pahile Na Me Tula: A Closer Look At Manasi Desai And Why She’s Not Your Typical Heroine!

Her confidence and her fearlessness are among the few traits that make Pahile Na Me Tula’s Manasi a unique heroine.

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April 27, 2021



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Pahile Na Me Tula’s most central character is its heroine, Manasi Desai. She comes from a middle-class family who lives in an apartment complex in Mumbai. She is a simple girl who is adored by her parents and has a good relationship with them as well as with her older sister Megha. But as much as she is bubbly and sweet, she is also unique in ways that are separate her from the cliched heroine characteristics.

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Here are all the reasons why we think so!

A go-getter

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She knows exactly what she wants and she tries to have it regardless of the problems that come her way. A big example of this attitude could be when she married Aniket secretly. She knew she only wanted to be with Aniket and when she sensed that there could be trouble, she decided to convince Aniket to take this drastic step. She knew she could convince her family later on and was afraid that if she doesn’t go ahead with the marriage now, Samar could bring a groom and marry her off. This kind of conviction in her wants and the fearlessness in her choices is what makes her different from many heroines.

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A career woman

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Manasi is a smart girl. Often serials show women who are street-smart or working as a hero’s secretary. While Manasi does work under Samar, she is good at her job which is bank and finance-related and she is one of the best employees at Lankari Finance. She is an absolute professional and does not do anything in the office that is even remotely unprofessional. She does not treat her colleagues as her family and maintains enough distance. She also does not go out of her way to spend time with Samar, as she thinks it is unprofessional as well. We love how smart and capable she is. She is currently the only one earning in her house and manages the finances as well!

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Not ignorant

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While she might not know about Samar’s obsession with her, she does know that he has taken a keen liking to her family and won’t stop getting involved in her matters. She knows that Samar has made her parents love him so she cannot even question his involvement any longer. But she is wary of him and does not like how he can convince her family for Manasi’s marriage and take responsibility for it as if he were part of the family. We have often seen Manasi complain about Samar’s involvement in her matters. This is great because most heroines would have been clueless and would not have thought much of it!

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Manasi’s fresh mindset

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She loves Aniket regardless of his profession and even chose to marry him despite his job of a cab driver. She keeps him close and believes in him. The only reason why she was afraid of his job being a problem was that she knew her father would never agree to it. She wants Aniket to succeed and do well and she is a supportive and modern partner. She earns much more than Aniket but never feels sorry about it or guilty. Aniket too never makes it an ego issue and we love this fresh and new dynamic!

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What do you love the most about Manasi the most?

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