Pahile Na Me Tula: 5 Times Samar’s Ploys Were Foiled By These Good Characters

From Rajan to Meghna and Chaitanya, all these good characters have foiled Samar’s plans in Pahile Na Me Tula time and again,

Tanvi Rumale

March 30, 2021



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Samar is the Branch manager of Lankari Finance, Manu’s office and her boss. He is obsessive, manipulative and a total chameleon. He is cunning and knows exactly what to do or say to get people to do his bidding. He loves to bend situations in his favour and if he wants something, he usually gets it. He has wanted Manu since the day he laid his eyes on her. But Manu has never been appreciative of his advances. She is always uncomfortable around him and does not trust his motives. And while Samar is more or less always successful, these five characters have stopped Samar’s ploys in between and proved that he can also be dealt with!

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When Manu and Aniket get married because of Chaitanya and Meghna

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Meghna and Chaitanya helped Manu and Aniket for their wedding. Manu needs her sister’s help as she does not want to be married to someone else. She also knows that her parents are convinced that Samar is a nice person and he assures Manasi that he will get her married within a month. This is Samar’s ploy to marry her himself and Manasi decides to ruin it by deciding to secretly get married to Aniket. Chaitanya is Aniket’s closes friend and he gladly helps the couple out. Only because of Meghna and Chaitanya do Aniket and Manasi get married without any hassles!

When Bharti Tai cheered Manu up

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Right after her wedding, Manu changes back into her everyday salwar suit and goes to the office. Samar tries to find out where Manasi had been and what she had been doing. He gets a feeling that something has happened. He sees the kumkum on her fingers and asks her about it. Samar also tries to get inside Manasi’s head and make her give up her secret. But Manasi remains firm and Bharati tai not only cheers her up but also listens to her and gives her strength. This allows Manasi to keep her secret and also feel happy about it. This evidently irks Samar!

When Aniket Found Rajan Instead of Samar

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When Samar finds out about Manasi’s father’s condition and disappearance he acts very concerned and tells Manasi that they must go look for him right away. He joins Manu and Aniket to look for Rajan and evidently seems to take the backseat with Manu while making Aniket drive. He tries to calm Manasi down as she grows more anxious about her father. Samar wants to be the hero and find Rajan himself, but Aniket spots him first and gives him a bottle of water to drink!

When Manasi Rejects the Promotion

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Samar is now aware of Manasi’s financial situation and wants to shower her with his “kindness.” He does not care about how Manasi would feel and he offers her a promotion and makes it sound extremely special. Manasi recognises that he is only doing this to help her out with her current situation. She declines the promotion and says that she will work hard enough to deserve it. She does not listen to Samar and storms out of his office. Samar on the other hand is left feeling livid!

When Rajan Praised Manu for Declining the Promotion

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Samar deploys another tactic when his promotion idea doesn’t go down the way he wanted it to. He reaches Manu’s house and meets her parents. After lovingly greeting them like they are his own family he mentions what Manu did. He talks about how he wanted her to have the promotion and how she declined it. While Samar is complaining, he is secretly hoping that Manu’s father will ask her to accept it. But this does not happen. Manu’s father instead is extremely proud of his daughter for not accepting this kind of help from her boss when she does not deserve it. And this ruins Samar’s plan again!

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