Pahile Na Me Tula: 5 Instances Where The Show Stood Out As A Romantic Thriller!

In Aniket and Manasi’s joyous life, Samarpratap has been the real problem. And the duo has managed to tackle all the problems together. This aspect of the story has makes the show more gripping with some promising twists!

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June 6, 2021


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Feel-good and dreamy romance stories have become a mundane part of television. Earlier, the audience craved for larger-than-life love stories. Now, to the contrary, they love and adore the stories rooted in realism and ample suspense. Considering this, many new-age romantic TV shows are leading the medium with some intriguing yet relatable love stories. And Zee Marathi’s Pahile Na Me Tula belongs to the same league. While this romantic saga is laden with great twists, the characters too have become household names.

Aniket and Manasi’s journey of romance has been inspiring and quite enthralling. Though the duo is joyous of their simple yet loving life, Samarpratap has been the real problem of their lives. And yet Aniket and Manasi have managed to tackle all the problems together. This aspect of the story has made the show more gripping with some promising twists. Also, it seems that the show has evolved perfectly as a romance cum thriller.

Saying so here’s taking a look at 5 instances where Pahile Na Me Tula stood out as a romantic thriller.

The Stalking Escapades

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Samarpratap enjoys his me-time stalking the ones he loves obsessively or the ones he has an immense hatred for. His space of solitude adds a unique mood to the story like to the villains living on a deserted land. Samar has been surveying Manasi’s personal life in order to get close and woo her. Although nothing works out for him, he has opted for other more problematic ways. Samar’s stalking escapades have added more thrill to the story.

Remember the time when he circulated Aniket and Manasi’s personal pictures to the Desais. At the very last moment, Samar changed his mind, keeping the duo off from further problems.

Mistaken Identity!

A still from Pahile Na Me Tula
Source: ZEE5

Earlier, in the story, when the Desais were in search of suitors for Manasi, Samarpratap weaved an interesting plan to barge into their lives. He spread false rumours against Manasi through one of her neighbours. This led the Desais into deep trouble as many suitors rejected Manasi. And while Usha was scouting the real truth behind rumours, Samar quite cunningly used his ‘mistaken identity’ ploy to trap an innocent man.

Samar framed him for spreading false rumours against Manasi. This particular subplot in the show was full of unexpected twists.

The Wedding Day

A still from Pahile Na Me Tula
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Though Samar tried his best to create a rift between Aniket and Manasi, nothing worked out for him. The duo’s love and trust was so intact that they decided to get married secretly. And when Samar got aware of this plan, he was left infuriated. And rather than exposing this to Desais, he opted for another unexpected devious ploy. He vowed to the Desais that it was his responsibility to find a perfect suitor for Manasi.

And thus another chaos in the story began. Though we believed Samar might succeed this time, the makers had other plans, living up to its suspense-oriented theme! As Manasi struggled to hide her truth, Megha became a saviour for her.

Satyajeet’s Ploys

A still from Pahile Na Me Tula
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As Aniket and Manasi got married, Samar resorted to using Satyajeet as his pawn. For those unaware, Satyajeet is Megha’s ex-husband. Samar blackmailed Satyajeet to dupe Manasi and the Desais with his ‘good-boy’ plays. Recently, he tried to win over Megha’s love yet again to let down Rajan. Manasi’s father Rajan even tried to commit suicide, getting restless.

And this particular subplot is slowly and steadily evolving. This might bring in more ample twists ahead. Also, recently Aniket got suspicious over the same. So he might delve into this matter.

Samar’s Past Story

A still from Pahile Na Me Tula
Source: ZEE5

Unable to find any prominent solution, Samar decided to unveil his past life. The recent happenings have shed light on Samar’s past story. And the viewers are all excited to witness another gripping subplot. Well, nothing more is clear as of now but we can foresee some more drama ahead. It remains to be seen how Aniket and Manasi deal with it.

Meanwhile, stay tuned to ZEE5 for more interesting content and stories.

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