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Pahile Na Me Tula: 5 Characters From The Show That Manasi Needs To Keep A Safe Distance From!

Tanvi Rumale

May 6, 2021

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From Samar to Neelam, all the characters on Pahile Na Me Tula that Manasi needs to stay away from!

Pahile Na Me Tula’s Manasi is a very strong and independent girl. She has strict morals that she does not like to bend, just like her father Rajan. She does not like being indebted to someone and relies on her ability to work well and efficiently. She is sharp and motivated at work and is a great employee and a good daughter as well. She is currently the sole breadwinner for her family even though she is the youngest! We know that Manasi’s this attribute is what Samar is very taken in by. He is obsessed with having her because she won’t give him the time of day. Samar is the primary villain of the show for the same reason too, but there are a total of 5 bad characters on the show who Manasi needs to stay away from!

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He is one of the most cruel villains of Zee Marathi. Though, he is handsome and charming when he wants to be, he is extremely manipulative as a person. He has manipulated Manasi’s family to like him and now they adore him like their own. He also keeps an image of a good boss at work, but he does not really care about his employees except for Manasi. He is selfish and arrogant and obsessive. He wants what he wants and always gets it by hook or crook. He’s been creating all kinds of problems for Manasi, especially by getting her married to Manohar even though he knows about her and Aniket. He hates Aniket and wants Manasi to be his and he wants to marry her instead of Manohar too!

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He is Samar’s right-hand man at work and elsewhere too. He is always around to do Samar’s bidding at all times. He always has an amused and evil expression on his face. He supports Samar even when he doesn’t understand him, which is dangerous. He is also inherently not a good person and he lives vicariously through Samar’s evil ploys as well. He wants to see Samar get Manasi and will help him ruin her life! Manasi needs to stay away from him as much as she can!

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Neelam was used to Samar’s flirtatious eye on her when Manasi was not around, but now that Manasi works at the Lankari Finance office, she is not getting the same attention she used to. In fact, Samar openly mentions to her how he prefers Manasi much more. Neelam does not like this at all and she is extremely distrustful of Manasi. She dislikes her and often puts her down in front of other colleagues. She is extremely jealous and always makes it a point to bring up Samar’s favouritism with her in front of other people. Manasi needs to avoid her and her drama to keep a peaceful work environment. If not, she might have more problems at work than she already does.

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Manohar has always been a sketchy character. The way he talks and behaves with Manasi, how he follows her around her workplace and also forces her to marry him even though she doesn’t want to are all red flags. We see Manasi clearly annoyed with him and his behaviour but Manasi does not realise that he is Samar’s pawn. He will do as he says and might even marry her even though he is already married. Manohar just does not have the right intentions and it will be good for Manasi if she is able to break off her marriage with him as soon as possible!

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Satyajit’s entry on the show is recent but we have heard about him since the beginning of the show. Megha has denounced him as her husband and refused to meet him for several months before Manasi brought him home. As far as Megha is concerned, he is a hopeless person who is not as good as he shows to be. Megha is extremely angry with him and refuses to get back to him even now after he is off the defaulter list. Megha’s instincts and her feelings need to be looked at by Manasi and she must stay away from Satyajit as he could be a very dangerous person in their lives.

Which person do you think Manasi needs to stay away from the most?

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