Pahile Na Me Tula: 5 Adorable Characters We Love On The Show Apart From Manasi-Aniket

Usha Maushi, Megha and other characters that make Pahile Na Me Tula a loved show!

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April 5, 2021



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Zee Marathi’s Pahile Na Me Tula has brought fresh actors and storyline in a very short time. The main plot of the story revolves around the heroine, Manasi, who is a simple-minded girl from a middle-class family. She is sweet and caring and is the younger daughter of the family. She has known and loved Aniket, a boy from her apartment complex for a long time now. But when Manasi starts a new job at a bank, her branch manager and boss, Samarpratap wants to have her by hook or crook. Samar is a master manipulator and will stop at nothing to have Manasi.

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In short, the serial is an intense love triangle but these five characters make it more adorable and lively with their honesty and simple personalities!

Usha Maushi, Aniket’s mother

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Aniket’s mother Usha is the most adorable character on the show. She is loud and overly dramatic and one can take a look at her and know just how caring she can be. She is a doting single mother to Aniket and has raised him to be a great person. She loves so deeply that she often gets involved in Manasi’s family matters as well. She is well-liked by Manu’s family and even treats her parents like her own siblings. We love her village accent and her genuine concern for everyone around her. She also brings comedic relief and she is a total favourite!

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Megha, Manasi’s sister

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Megha is Manasi’s older sister. She is calm and collected and more mature than Manasi. She is Manu’s confidante and Manu is hers. They share a very loving relationship and Megha is full of light and grace even though she has had problems in her marriage which resulted in a troubled past for her. She does not let the pain make her bitter and is a character whose journey will be interesting to track. What we also love about this character is how she is not blinded by Samar’s manipulations and can see clearly what he does, unlike her parents. We love how nicely she supported many when she decided to marry Aniket and is always the best shoulder to rely on.

Her smile is an added bonus!

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Bharti tai, Manasi’s colleague

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Bharti tai is the only one in Manasi’s life, apart from Megha, who knows about Manu’s secret marriage. Bharti is not only kind and sweet, but she is also one of the only people Manu can trust to rely on and who is not controlled by Samar in her office. Bharti also loves Manasi like a younger sister and often teases her! It’s a sweet friendship between two women at a workplace and we’re here for it!

Rajan, Manu’s father

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Rajan is a respectable man who loves his family. He has high ideals and preaches them to everybody. His neighbours might find him annoying, but his intentions are only good and he means no harm. He just wants the world to be a good place and respects hardworking, honest people. He is a great father and his daughters love him and worry for his health too. He might not be adorable, but he is very lovable as a character.

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Chaityala, Aniket’s best friend

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Chaityala Seth is Aniket’s best friend through thick and thin. He stayed by Aniket’s side when they were in college when Aniket was a topper and he is still with him even though Aniket now drives a taxi to earn a living. He is honest and goofy and he wakes Aniket up oftentimes from his high morals. He knows his friend deserves better and even forbids him from taking up the driving job! He supports him through his secret marriage and is actually the reason behind the wedding ceremony’s successful completion. We hope to see more of him and Aniket in the coming episodes!

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