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Paaru: Will Parvathi Be Able To Find Adi And Save His Life?


October 9, 2020

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Watch the next few episodes to see if Paaru is able to save her lover’s life yet again!

Last week in Paaru, Akhila sees the thread that she had tied on Adi’s wrist fallen in one corner of the house. She thinks about what the Guruji had said and wonders if Adi’s life will be at risk now that the thread that would have protected him is not around his wrist. She immediately tells Janani about the same who then suggests that she should call Guruji and tell him about the same. When she does call him, he tells her not to worry and to pray to the God that she is most fond of, so that her son is protected at all times.

This week, the only employee who is aware of the fact that Paaru’s eyes have been used in the logo of their company, comes to the village while hiding in their car just to tell Adi the truth. As he knows that Adi has been searching for that girl and is in love with her, he follows them so that he can tell Adi that they have used Paaru’s eyes for the logo. However, he is dehydrated and does not have any more energy to follow them into the forest. Anushka, on the other hand, has reached Thaatha’s house to ask him about Paaru and Adi. However, he doesn’t reveal anything as the employee tells him not to tell them anything at all.

As we all know, Adi is certain that the girl whose eyes have been used for the logo is the girl that he is in love with. However, Harish, the employee, is the only one who is aware of the fact that those eyes are actually Paaru’s eyes. When he goes to the forest to tell Adi, Anushka hits him to make him unconscious and tells him that he must pretend like those eyes are actually hers. As Harish is determined to tell his boss that he is fighting for life and that Anushka has kept him with her so he doesn’t reveal the truth. Will Harish be able to save his own life and tell Adi the truth about the eyes as well as Anushka?

Harish is injured

Paaru and Adi are playing hide and seek and being romantic when Adi goes missing. She thinks that he is playing around with her but then realises that they have lost each other. It is also revealed that Adi has been kidnapped by the man hired by Anushka who is also keeping a watch on him. A poisonous insect stings Adi, and he becomes unconscious while that man leaves him to die. As Paaru is still searching for Adi, her belief in the nuptial chain and God leads her back to him. However, will she be able to save his life in time?

As for Thaatha, he regains consciousness and decides to tell Paaru everything that happened before he was hit. He tells her that a man named Harish had come to ask him Adi’s whereabouts and even warned him not to give out any information. Following that, a woman named Pavitra, who is actually Anushka, also came asking for Adi. Will Paaru find out the truth about Anushka?

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