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Paaru: What Will Anushka’s Next Move Be?


September 7, 2020

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Anushka has several plans for herself before she can marry Adi. Details inside.

As we know, in the previous week of Paaru, Janani puts the ancestral bangles that are meant for the future daughter-in-law on Paaru. Akhila notices this and is taken by surprise. She immediately stops Janani and asks her why she put the bangles on Paaru’s hands as those are her ancestral jewellery. In the process, we see that Adi tells her that she is like a family member and that she can wear the bangles as they look beautiful on her. They all tell her that she needn’t go through pain to remove those bangles.

In this episode, we see that Akhila and Adi have told Paaru not to come and do the household chores until the wounds on her hands have fully healed. Paaru is not very happy with this decision but goes back home as she does not have any other choice. She also tells Gani that she will be bored and thinks to herself that she will not be able to meet Adi as often as she could.

Anushka and Daamini, on the other hand, are discussing their next move. Anushka is reading a couple of files while Daamini asks her what she is doing and what is the next move that she is thinking of. Anushka does not say anything while Daamini talks to herself thinking of how she would have done so well in life if she had been educated. Just then Anushka tells her that she is reading about the family company and all about the investments that they have made so that she can get involved in the business as soon as possible. She also mentions the fact that Janani is from a village and does not have any idea of how to run the business which means that she will be the sole proprietor of the family in no time. They both discuss the amount of money that will come to them.

Anushka and Janani

Later that day, Anushka notices that Akhila has given Janani the ancestral bangles. Even though Janani does not say anything, Anushka tells her that she does not deserve the bangles and does not fit in the family as she is uneducated. She says the same to hurt her.

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