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Paaru: Adi Tries To Find The Woman In His Brand Image


September 13, 2020

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Check out why Adi wants to know the mystery woman in his brand image

As we know, in the previous week of Paaru, we see that Akhila and Adi have told Paaru not to come and do the household chores until the wounds on her hands have fully healed. Paaru is not very happy with this decision but goes back home as she does not have any other choice. She also tells Gani that she will be bored and thinks to herself that she will not be able to meet Adi as often as she could.

In this episode, we see that Adi is still searching for the girl who has advertised for their brand. As the brand image only has her eyes, he wonders who the girl is and why he has the connection that he has with those eyes. He also wonders if he is just dreaming and everything is no less than a dream and if it will ever come true.

He also thinks of how those eyes make him feel safe and have so much power in them. Just then, it is revealed that an employee is standing outside and listening to everything that he is saying. He decides to go inside and talk to Adi but Anushka comes by and asks him if he brought the files that she had asked for. He tells her that he has brought whatever she has asked him for but he would also like to talk to Adi about certain matters.

The brand image

Anushka, who has an idea about what he wants to talk about, sends him back home. The employee thinks to himself that he must tell Adi that the girl in his house who he is such good friends with, is the same person who volunteered to advertise for their brand. He also feels bad about the fact that they are present in the same house and Adi is still unaware of the fact that Paaru is the one that he should be with. Anushka, on the other hand, thinks of the fact that she needs to be more careful so that Paaru and Adi do not come close as it could cause harm to her own relationship with him.

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