The Own This Onam Challenge On HiPi Celebrates The Traditions Of This Glorious Festival

The festive season is back and our favourite celebrities are enjoying a new challenge. Here’s what they did for the #OwnThisOnam challenge in HiPi on ZEE5.

Kenneth Carneiro

September 1, 2020


2 min


Along with streaming movies, series, short films and shows, ZEE5 has launched a short video creation platform- HiPi, that allows users to create 90 seconds’ videos on various genres. Moreover, with exclusive contests and unique terms like HiPiverse and HiPiStars, the app has already become a favourite amongst the youngsters as well as the adults. It has a similar structure like the one we are used to with innumerable features like the filters, slow motion, musical backgrounds, and challenges to participate in and what’s more, it is #MadeInIndia! 

Since its launch, HiPi has caught the attention of several social media stars and users. One of the latest introductions to the application was the #OwnTheOnam challenge, which required the participants to upload clips of how they made their Onam special. The challenge witnessed several participants who recorded their Onam Sadhya, their ways of draping the lungi and much more. 

Renowned Tamil actor Latha Rao took part in showing off her delicious Sadhya on HiPi as well. Every participant added their own flavour to their videos on #OwnTheOnam challenge. 

So, what is stopping you from binging on these fun HiPi videos and maybe creating your own too? Download or update your ZEE5 app. Login to HiPi, create your own unique content and open the doors to fame.

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