Operation Parindey: Five Real-life Daring Jailbreaks In India That You Didn’t Know About

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February 28, 2020


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1. Jagtar Singh Hawara's jailbreak from Burail Jail of Chandigarh

Prison break has always been a fascinating subject for many filmmakers and writers. The whole indigenous planning, clever schemes and innovative methods employed by these fictional characters have left the audience wonderstruck. The new ZEE5 original movie, Operation Parindey speaks about one such story as well. This thriller movie featuring an amazing ensemble of – Amit Sadh, Rahul Dev, Ameet Gaur, and Kunal Kumar, focuses on the most controversial jailbreaks in the history of India. 

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While we may have been in awe with these marvellous stories of fiction, the reality doesn’t pale in comparison. The Indian prison system has seen its own share of prison breaks as well. Don’t believe us? Here are five sensational jailbreaks in India.

Jagtar Singh who was a prime suspect in the assassination case of Beant Singh, the Chief Minister of Punjab. For this crime, he was imprisoned in the Burail Jail of Chandigarh. Despite being considered as one of the strictest jails in India, Jagtar managed to dig an underground tunnel, not once but four times. The first three attempts ended in utter failures, with first not working out, the second causing a cave-in and the third due to being shifted to another barrack. However, he didn’t give up. He dug another tunnel along with three other companions. The 8 foot deep and a 108-foot long tunnel was dug under two security walls and opened at 20 meters away from the prison. The group escaped through this tunnel and were never to be found again.

2. Sher Singh Rana's jailbreak from Tihar jail

The infamous murderer who caused the death of Phoolan Devi was placed in the Tihar jail. He and his brother orchestrated one of the biggest scams that allowed them to escape the jail effortlessly. They took the aide of Sandeep Thakur, a friend from their village to visit them regularly. Sandeep, visited the duo thrice posing as a lawyer and once as a friend. And in the end, he posed as a cop, produced fake papers for their transfer and the jailers just let them go. Talk about a perfect escape.

3. Bettiah Jail breakout

This incident was one of the most daring jail-breaks of all time. In a complete gangster fashion, eight criminals who were caught for a lot of crimes that included, murder, robbery and rape, planned their escape due to the negligence of the jailers. They used an iron filer dipped in grease to saw their way through the prison bars and scaled the wall to freedom. 

4. Natwarlal

Natwarlal was one of the biggest conman ever in the history of India. This infamous cheater who had sold the Taj Mahal and Red Fort in numerous occasions was caught multiple times and sentenced to about 113 years of jail time. The funniest part is, he escaped nine times from prison. This phantom thief planned one of the most epic jail-break when he was too old to escape using any crude methods. He faked an illness which resulted in him being taken to a medical checkup to AIIMS. The two constables who were accompanying him left him along with a sweeper for some time, presuming that this frail old man can’t do anything. However, as they left, the clever Natwarlal requested the sweeper to get him a cup of tea and within a second disappeared as the sweeper left him alone. The police could never trace him again after this. 

5. Charles Sobhraj

Born to a Vietnamese mother, this criminal with a foreign citizenship, managed to kill more than 12 people in his conman career. After being caught, he had to spend his time in the Indian prison before being extradited to his country. The con artist, who knew the law of Thailand, his home country well, orchestrated a spectacular escape plan. According to the law of Thailand, any criminal who hasn’t been tried for 20 years since the crime has been committed will be set free. He used this to his advantage and escaped in the last year of his prison time in India only to be caught again. This caused the authorities to penalise him with another two years of prison time in India, which gave him a free-chit to escape when he was extradited to Thailand. Clever, wouldn’t you say?

I am very sure that the excitement to watch the movie, Operation Parindey has just grown ten-fold after reading these daring jailbreaks. Don’t you agree? Don’t miss it.

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