One Year Of Lockdown: An Insight Into The Country’s Battle Against The Covid-19 Pandemic

A year ago, the centre announced lockdown amid the spread of Coronavirus. Everything that happened amidst the strict nationwide shutdown.

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March 25, 2021

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Last year on March 23, the centre took a strict yet very vital measure to tackle the Covid-19 pandemic in India. Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced a nationwide ‘lockdown’ citing the surge in covid cases, all across the nation. Post the ‘Janta Curfew’ on 22nd March 2020 came the strictest measure i.e the lockdown. The working of the country halted with everything shuttered down.

It was just a couple of days ago that the nation marked the first anniversary of the shutdownThe lockdown began with multiple extensions that continued for several months. It eventually concluded with many phases of ‘unlock’. So here’s a gist of everything that went between the whole year of lockdown and what’s stored next in the country’s battle against the pandemic.

When the country was first put under lockdown, we had only 500 cases all across the nation. The death tally was around 50. And now after a year, as reported by the Union Health Ministry, nearly 11.8 million people have been infected and the death has reached 1,60,166. Amid the nationwide lockdown, all the services except the essential ones were restricted.

The medical experts state that the lockdown did improve the situation in the first few phases. Prior to lockdown, the doubling rate of cases was 3 days which improved to 6.2 days by mid-April. Furthermore, in multiple phases, the lockdown was extended till May 31, 2020. Due to the economic fallback, the reopening of the country began with unlocking phases. New guidelines were issued for each and every phase.

Many industries including e-commerce, sectors related to travel, tourism, and hospitality took the worst hit amid the lockdown. With the country reopening, these industries struggled hard to recover. Many businesses suffered a heavy loss. The lockdown changed the lives of migrant workers. Millions of workers walked back to their native villages.

Now,  the nation is experiencing the second wave of the pandemic. With a surge in covid cases, the Government is taking strict measures. Ahead of the Holi festival, many regions have been put under strict lockdown. New guidelines have been issued for the same.

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