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On International Day Of Yoga, Try Ardha Shirsasana Like Thanuja Gowda

Promita Mukherjee

June 21, 2019

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Muddha Mandaram’s Soundarya takes her fitness routine seriously. Why not take some inspiration from her and learn some yoga today?

She might be playing the chirpy and bubbly college-going girl Soundarya in Muddha Mandaram, but in real life, Thanuja Gowda is someone who takes her fitness routine very seriously. The girl is totally into her fitness routines and one constant of that is the ancient Indian practise of yoga. On International Day Of Yoga today, why don’t you take some fitness inspo from our feisty girl and try some yoga asanas yourself? After all, it does help to stay healthy and fit.

Check out how our girl is doing the ardha shirsasana here. Also known as the half headstand, ardha shirsasana is an inverted yoga posture that you can master before the full shirsasana. The name comes from the Sanskrit words ardha, which means half, shirsa, which denotes the head, and asana, which is the posture. In the ancient Indian practice of yoga, it is believed that this asana helps open the sahasrara (crown) chakra.

thanuja gowda
(Source: Instagram)

Here’s a detailed account of how to master this asana. Kneel down on a yoga mat (or like Thanuja here, use the wall), put your forearms on the ground and grab the opposite elbows with your hands. Now let go of your elbows and join your hands by locking your fingers. Rest your head on the yoga mat and with your hands, form a cup so that your head doesn’t move while doing the asana. Stretch your legs and lift yourself on the tips of your toes, bringing the buttocks upwards, forming a triangle. Bring your face closer to your toes, once there, breathe slowly while you keep your neck and shoulders relaxed. Hold the pose till you can. Then bend the knees, place them back on the mat and let the head rest for a bit before you lift it up.

thanuja gowda
(Source: Instagram)

Did you know that this asana also comes with a ton of benefits? For instance, it increases the blood flow to the head, strengthens the neck muscles and relaxes the back muscles. Moreover, it will gradually realign your spinal cord too.

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