On Ankita Lokhande’s Birthday, Here’s Taking A Look At Her Best Scenes With Sushant Singh Rajput From Pavitra Rishta

On Archana aka Ankita Lokhande’s birthday, take a trip down memory lane with some of her best scenes with Sushant Singh Rajput from Pavitra Rishta.

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December 21, 2020


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Archana aka Ankita Lokhande celebrates her birthday today on December 19. The actor has evolved over the years and has managed to enthral her fans with her acting proficiency. She was seen playing Archana opposite Sushant Singh Rajput and we absolutely loved their pairing. So while she celebrates her birthday today, we grab the opportunity to go back in time and remember some of her best scenes from Pavitra Rishta. Here’s taking a look at some of the best moments as Archana.

1. Archana and Manav falling for each other

Manav Deshpande played by SSR is a mechanic and works hard to earn well. On the other hand, Archana Karanjkar is less educated but supports her family of five by doing odd jobs. They fall in love and we absolutely loved this romantic phase between the. Manav proposes to Archana but her father rejects him and asks him to find a better job. The chemistry between Ankita and Sushant was appreciated by the critics.

2. Manav and Archana start their new life together 

After witnessing many difficult circumstances, Manav and Archana finally get married on the show. They start a new journey as a couple. Take a look at their mushy moments from the initial days of marriage.

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3. Manav learns about Archana’s pregnancy

While Archana and Manav suffered from various problems together, they always stood by each other. Later Archana gets pregnant and decides to tell Manav. When Manav learns about her good news, he adores her overwhelmingly. The two have a moment together as Manav tells her that they will be good parents and he will give all the happiness in the world to their child.

4. The moment when Archana finds the letter from Manav

Manav gives Archana a love letter. He elaborates the importance of their marriage to her. He promises her that he will be a good husband and be there for the family. He tells her in the letter that he will try to be a better man and if he fails to do so, he will never come back.

5. Archana starts working in order to help Manav

Considering their financial conditions, Archana decides to take up a job in order to help Manav. Manav supports her for doing the right thing. Ankita Lokhande had then proved that she can play an ideal bahu as her character always wanted to support her family.

6. Archana’s unconditional love for Manav

As the show took a leap, the creators focused more on Manav and Archana’s children. However, when Archana realises that Manav passed away in a car accident, she is shaken. She grieves for his death and eventually dies. Ankita Lokhande’s performance was highly appreciated during these scenes as she showed how talented she was. Her grieving for Manav brought tears in the eyes of her fans.

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