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OMG! Zayn Malik Has Got A New Intense Look; Fans Can’t Stop Fawning Over The Singer – CHECK OUT


January 15, 2022

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Zayn Malik has been one of the most popular singers in Hollywood. Recently the vocalist took social media by storm as he posted a picture and his new look will keep you drooling

Seeing your favorite celebrity in a different light is a rare treat for fans. When their favorite celebs change their appearance or undergo any kind of transformation, they go into a frenzy.
Zayn Malik may have lost Gigi Hadid, but he has grown quite a beard. Following his breakup with the supermodel, the longtime member of One Direction sprouted a stubble beard.

He now sports a thick beard that encircles his facial skin. His stubble complements his hair, which has become a little scruffier as well. In a picture, Zayn flaunted his new style, which included a leather coat and round spectacles.

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Zayn’s stubble has been sprouting out over time. His beard was barely beginning to grow in when word of his and Gigi’s breakup first surfaced in October 2021. His hairline was thick near his jaw and lips, and he wore a chinstrap, but the rest of his face was stubble. He also had a crew cut, so his hair was significantly shorter.

Following a bitter disagreement between the “Pillowtalk” musician and Gigi’s mom Yolanda Hadid, while Gigi was already out of town, Zayn and Gigi finally split up on October 28, 2021. Zayn allegedly “struck” his daughter Khai’s grandmother during a furious argument between the two. He has rejected ever touching Yolanda. While the musician and supermodel partnered for six years on and off, a source close to Gigi’s family is “heartened” by the divorce and “hasn’t been Zayn’s biggest admirer.”

It wasn’t evident why the two were arguing at first. An unnamed insider, on the other hand, revealed what went awry between the two. “While Gigi was at work, Yolanda intended to devote as much time as she could assisting care for her granddaughter,” the insider explained. It exploded into a quarrel because Zayn regarded it as her breaking a line.

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Fans were very disappointed and upset after the news broke out and it left them in a state of shock.

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