OMG! This is the best gift that Singer Chase Bryant got for his 28th birthday

Country singer Chase Bryant gets engaged to his model girlfriend Selena Weber on Sunday, on the occasion of his 28th birthday. The happy couple took to instagram to announce the wonderful news to their fans.


October 13, 2021


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The country singer Chase Bryant got the best birthday gift on his 28th birthday this year when his girlfriend Selena Weber said “Yes” to his marriage proposal. Chase took to social media on Sunday and announced his engagement on the occasion of his 28th birthday with his girlfriend, model Selena Weber. Exclaiming in his Instagram post he announced to the world that he can’t wait to spend forever with Selena. “Best birthday present ever, was you saying yes to eternity!”, shared Chase, along with a picture of both wearing their engagement rings.

Selena too took it to her Instagram account to announce about the same where she talked about her ever-growing desire “to be with the one God intended me to have a life with.” The post had the same picture of the two showing their rings as was the one in Chase’s post. The two were congratulated by their friends, families and their fans on this happy occasion of their lives, across social media.

In a previous interview with a famous magazine Chase had opened about his mental health issues wherein he shared his learning in life about true ‘happiness.’ He also sighted the distinction between what people expect and promote as an ideal  and what real bliss exactly means for oneself.

Chasing success, not happiness

Chase in interviews, has confessed to be chasing wrong goals in life. He said he was chasing success at the cost of happiness. You are not alone Chase, a lot of us go through that struggle too. Being trying to be something that he wasn’t weighed him down which led to bouts of acute depression. According to him, he was just being who others told him to be.

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The good news is that Chase has now fully recovered from his depression and now seems to be walking much more confidently in life that too along with a companion. 

We wish the couple many Congratulations on this happy event of their life and a lifetime of happiness too.

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