Omerta Trailer Review: Rajkummar Rao’s Thriller Is Based On His Transition To Pure Evil!

Hansal Mehta’s directorial biopic marks the debut of Mukul Dev as a writer. The notorious militant Omar Saeed Sheikh is the subject of the film.

Ankita Tiwari

July 21, 2020


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The God-fearing man who abides the rules of God and walks on the divine path sounds very innocent, right? What if the same person can kill, murder, and massacre people for the sake of his God? The tyrant Omar Saeed Sheikh has links to the world’s biggest terrorist attacks. From 1994 westerners’ kidnapping to 9/1126/11, and the Daniel Pearl murder. Omerta is based on the life of this tyrant who somehow still has the power to make everyone’s skin crawl with his insensitive and inhumane activities. The visuals on celluloid feel near to reality. Rajkummar Rao has enacted his character to perfection, be it his voice, his facial expressions or the stride!

Watch the trailer of the film here.

Rao and director Hansal Mehta have previously delivered pieces of marvellous cinematic experiments. But this one was the toughest on both actor and director. The film is pure evil and raw. It has been directed in similar locations around similar people. Rajkummar even suffered from a mental imbalance owing to his character in Omerta! The thrill showed in the film and the character’s opinions voiced out to make it surreal.

Source: ZEE
Source: ZEE

Scenes from the jail, militants’ camps are shot with a maximum eye to detail. Omar Saeed’s transition from a well-educated person to a terror king is the main pull of the film. There are no barriers to the film and every gear has been pulled to set the story in motion. How and why did Omar Saeed become a part of such grisly activities? Watch Omerta releasing on 25th July to know his story.

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