Nothing About The Launch Of Manoranjan Ravichandran’s Debut Saheba Was Hunky Dory

The newbie star kid confessed to expecting nothing more than a basic promotion for his film. Talk about humility at its best!

Parinika Uchil

April 18, 2019


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Despite being the son of Namma Crazy Star V. Ravichandran, Manoranjan Ravichandran never had qualms about getting a star-studded launch for his debut in Sandalwood. His first film, Saheba, was no exception. The makers of Saheba were very clear from the get-go that the emphasis was to be given to the narration as opposed to the newbie’s launch.

Saheba is a love story with the simplest of life lessons. Watch it here now:

Even in the film, it is evident what the makers had in mind in terms of screenplay. During an interview, Manoranjan cleared the air by saying, “I will not make tall claims that Saheba is an extraordinary film with a different tale. It is high on emotions and has its moments. There will be unexpected twists in the story and the outcomes will not be what audiences think will happen. There are a few scenes in the film, the treatment of which will be new for Kannada audiences”.

Manoranjan Ravichandran In A Still From Saheba
Manoranjan Ravichandran In A Still From Saheba

The movie’s conception itself started from a humble background; Manoranjan was delighted about the fact that his launch will be basic. This was because the story of the film was to be given more importance. Also, it was imperative for him that the audiences related to the movie.

So what is the gist of Saheba? In the words of Manoranjan, “Saheba is the story of an orphan who grows up amid books in a second-hand book store. But having spent his formative years amid works of literary giants, he grows up to be a very intelligent young man even without having a formal education. He is also blessed with a good circle of friends and is happy-go-lucky, until, of course, he falls in love. What happens to him then forms the crux of the story”. With excellent talents including Lakshmi and Bullet Pratap, the whole cast made this film a success.

Shanvi Srivastava In A Still From Saheba
Shanvi Srivastava In A Still From Saheba

Shanvi has nailed her role as the female protagonist against this adorable actor. I would personally recommend all of you to watch Saheba if you are looking for a romantic film this weekend.

What did you think of the film? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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