North Korea’s Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un Tries To Become World Power By Increasing Its Nuclear Reserves

North Korea has more than 60 nuclear weapons and continues to manufacture more in the coming years.

Neel Raju Nalawade

October 12, 2020

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The Supreme Leader of North Korea Kim Jong-un is constantly trying to become the world’s nuclear power by increasing its nuclear weapons. Accoring to the news reports, North Korea has more than 60 nuclear weapons. Even after several warnings and restrictions from the world authorities, the Supreme Leader continues to develop more nuclear weapons. Kim Jong-un is doing all this to be more dominant as he thinks that nuclear weapons will only keep in his power. With such a large reserved of nuclear weapons, the Supreme Leader may pose a threat to all of the world economies. He also feels that these dangerous bombs will be able to prevent enemy countries from overthrowing North Korea.

Sources state that North Korea will not hesitate to use these bombs against the USA, South Korea and Japan. Further, Kim Jong-un is also planning to create six more nuclear weapons every year.

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