North Korea Leader Kim Jong’s Rare Teary-Eyed Moment

While addressing the 75th anniversary of his ruling political party, leader Kim Jong-un got emotional as he thanked his people for their sacrifices and apologised for his failures

Raghav N

October 13, 2020

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North Korea’s Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un got momentarily emotional as he addressed his country’s people on the 75th anniversary of the founding day of the Workers’ Party of Korea. In the video released by the nation’s state media, the dictator was seen thanking his citizens for their sacrifices and applauding those who worked towards containing the Coronavirus pandemic.

Kim Jong further apologised for not able to improve the lives of North Koreans. Thousands of his followers could be seen listening to him carefully, while shedding tears as their chief spoke.

He further stated that his government would continue to strengthen self-defensive war prevention to combat, control and manage all dangerous attempts and threatening acts including nuclear attacks from enemies. A long range ballistic missile was introduced after a two-year hiatus.

The large-scale function was followed by the mass games, that was revived in 2018 after a five-year gap. It is seen as an attempt by the Korean politician to promote international engagement and peace, subsequently leading to a better economy globally. The mass games showcase thousands of dancers, singers and gymnasts performing, though it is largely known to be propagandist in nature.

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