North Korea Faces Famine-Like Conditions Due To Coronavirus Pandemic

North Korea is undergoing a severe financial and hunger crisis due to the ongoing pandemic.

Neel Raju Nalawade

July 17, 2020


1 min


North Korean politician and Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un is popular for his dictatorial approach towards politics. The ongoing Coronavirus pandemic has not spared Kim Jong-un’s North Korea either. Amid this calamity, his propaganda factory has been exposed. According to reports, the North Korean army and citizens alike are facing an extreme shortage of food. It is also alleged that the citizens and army personnel of North Korea are eating rotten food and animals to survive.

Kim Jong-un has ordered his army personnel to keep pet rabbits so as to consume them when the hunger crisis occurs. However, sources state that North Korea is already going through a famine-like condition due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Moreover, government authorities have said that North Korea is also undergoing a severe financial crisis and the situation may turn worse if the ongoing pandemic is not brought under control in the country.

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