No 1 Kodalu 14 February 2020 Preview: Vagdevi Informs Everyone About Navya’s Marriage

In the upcoming episode of No 1 Kodalu, Vagdevi informs everyone in the house that she has found a potential groom for Navya. Read more here.

Sneha Bale

February 13, 2020


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Earlier in No. 1 Kodalu, Sarsu imagines herself to be playing in the childhood house with her father. She talks to a neighbour, who tells her that the house has come alive again. Vagdevi talks to Shyamala’s husband and keeps wondering if the proposal wouldn’t be a bad decision. She tries to talk to Arunbabu, via a conference call through Ekambaram. But Arunbabu refuses to talk to anyone. Prabha tells her mother to bring Sarsu back home, to do the household chores. But Nagamani refuses to agree.

Watch the previous episode here:

In the upcoming episode, Vagdevi calls her elder sister and tells her twice that she has something important to talk about, something for everyone. Her sister takes the hint and conveys the message to Arunbabu. She tells him that Vagdevi has found a potential groom for Navya.

Arunbabu in No 1 Kodalu
Arunbabu in No 1 Kodalu

Read the previous update of this show here, and stay tuned for more stories and the latest episode on ZEE5, before it airs on TV.

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