Ninnila Ninnila: Celebrating the beautiful character arcs of Nithya Menen and Ritu Varma

With Ninnila Ninnila, director Ani Sasi gives us two of the best female characters arcs through Tara and Maya!

Bhavna Gandikota

March 27, 2021


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The Ani Sasi directorial Ninnila Ninnila starring Nithya Menen, Ashok Selvan and Ritu Varma is one of the most heartfelt movies you will watch. In an era where we still struggle to find the right female characters that we can idolise and relate to, director and writer Ani Sasi makes sure that the women of Ninnila Ninnila have one of the most heartfelt character arcs.

Watch the trailer for Ninnila Ninnila right here!

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Ritu Varma as Tara

Ritu Varma as Tara lives the role of a dedicated chef, who takes a while to warm up to people but she has a heart of gold. Ritu’s journey from being a cold-hearted woman to promising Maya that she will take care of Dev forever is one that will make you smile instantly. The movie revolves around Dev but the ones taking it forward are Tara and Maya. Tara’s introduction to us is when Dev enters their restaurant as a chef and accompanies Tara to cold storage.

At first, Tara is annoyed by him but she slowly melts, as she sees how nice Dev is, as a person. It is as if she is in a shell and has a rigid perception of the world but is also innocent and warms up when she finds people who are genuinely good to her. She takes her time but eventually opens up to Dev. We see her on the other side of the spectrum when she promises Maya that she will take good care of Dev.

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Ashok Selvan and Ritu Varma in Ninnila Ninnila
Source: ZEE5

Nithya Menen as Maya 

Nithya Menen has already convinced most of us that she can nail any role. If you weren’t her fan, you probably will be, after watching her playing Maya. Nithya plays the role of a challenged woman, who will win your heart immediately. The truth of Maya is something that is too good to be given away here, but she has a spectacular journey. Dev is all that Maya has. She is protective of him but in a very non-toxic way. She takes a liking towards Tara almost instantly, proving that she has a heart of gold.

While Maya can’t imagine her existence without Dev, there comes a time when she steps out, leaving Dev to Tara. From Maya and Tara’s affectionate bond to Maya’s selfless love for Dev, the film has more to offer you than you can think of!

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