Ninnila Ninnila: Ashok Selvan as Dev is one of the most relatable people you will find!

Ashok Selvan as Dev is one of the most relatable characters you will see, and here’s why he captivated us on his journey!

Bhavna Gandikota

March 28, 2021


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The Ani Sasi directorial  Ninnila Ninnila stars Nithya Menen as Maya, Ashok Selvan as Dev and Ritu Varma as Tara. Ashok Selvan as Dev will almost instantly encapsulate your attention, not because of how quirky he is, but because of how relatable he is! Characters like him are in abundance around us but are a rarity on the screen.

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For starters, Dev doesn’t have a chiselled body that seems sculpted. Contrary to how male protagonists are portrayed on the big screen, Dev is far from having a ‘perfect’ body. If this were another usual entertainer, his body would surely be the centre of many jokes, and he would try hard to change the way he looks. In Ninnila Ninnila, the director hardly addresses it because that is how it is in real life.

In one of the initial scenes, we see Dev making himself some food. At first, he tries to fight his temptation but in the end, he gives in and eats it anyway. While on-screen characters possess the almost unreal ability to resist themselves, real people end up surrendering to their desires most of the time. At that point, we could relate to Dev more than ever.

Ashok Selvan as Dev in Ninnila Ninnila
Source: ZEE5

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Despite having a few obstacles like involuntary muscle spasms, Dev lives a contented life. He proves that you don’t have to be perfect to be happy in life. People around him try to understand and cooperate, and this is how most people are. There is a lot to learn from Dev, and there are many times you can see yourself in him. Dev is by far one of the most relatable characters out there, regardless of where you are from, what your gender is or what your surroundings are.

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