Ninnila Ninnila: 6 moments from the Nithya Menen and Ashok Selvan starrer that made us smile

Ninnila Ninnila is easily one of the most heartfelt movies in recent times. Here are some of the most endearing moments that will make you smile.

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March 31, 2021



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The Ani Sasi directorial Ninnila Ninnila starring Nithya MenenAshok Selvan, and Ritu Varma is one of the most endearing films you will watch. Almost every scene will bring a smile onto your face and make you want to rewatch it. Here is a list of some of the best moments from the movie.

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1) When Dev tries to stop himself from eating 

After landing in London, Dev makes some food for himself but tries to stop his hand from reaching his mouth. This is one of the first heartwarming moments from the movie that will make you smile almost instantly.  This is where we know what the film is going to be like, going ahead.

Ashok Selvan as Dev in Ninnila Ninnila
Source: ZEE5

2) When Dev offers a sanitiser to Tara

Tara has OCD which doesn’t let her be as open as she wants to be, with people. She always comes across as a little reserved and cold. It is the same with Dev, until he offers her a sanitiser. She has no option but to melt a little and open up to him. We loved seeing the soft side of Tara!

Ashok Selvan and Ritu Varma in Ninnila Ninnila
Source: ZEE5

3) When Rajesh introduces himself to Dev

When Dev comes into the restaurant, he is warmly greeted by Rajesh who takes him around the restaurant. When he meets Dev, he says that Dev should follow the chef called ‘Rajesh’ and then tells him that he is Rajesh. Rajesh is very understanding about Dev’s muscle spasms, and their friendship was heartfelt.

Ashok Selvan in Ninnila Ninnila
Source: ZEE5

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4) When Rajesh is annoyed at ‘the tail’

When Gavin goes about the kitchen talking about what time it is, Rajesh’s reactions are hilarious. As soon as Gavin turns to him and asks what the problem is, he says “I love you, sir” and it made all of us burst into laughter. He is easily one of the highlights of the film!

5) When Maya sneaks in, to sleep next to Dev

After Maya’s mother forcefully takes her home because it is late, she sneaks back into Dev’s room and sleeps next to him. She makes this a regular practice and wakes him up every day. After a point of time, Dev is so used to her that he can’t go to sleep without having her around.

Nithya Menen in Ninnila Ninnila
Source: ZEE5

6) When Dev blindfolds Tara in the kitchen

When Tara asks Dev to teach her how to cook like him, he blindfolds her and asks her to trust her instincts. For someone with OCD, this is certainly a huge step as she lets herself loose and starts adding ingredients as per her heart’s desire.

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