Ninne Pelladatha’s Pavani Keeps It Simply Stylish With The Perfect Lipstick, Know Her Favs

Sneha Bale

November 6, 2019


1 min

The classic red


Ninne Pelladatha has an ensemble cast of many youngsters. They’re all smart and charming. But Pavani, who plays Tanaya, is the one true diva. Not only on screen but she stays stylish and classic off the screens too. To put it simply, she rocks an off-shoulder dress in a pool full of sarees. That’s Pavani for you! Today, we caught with her to know the secrets of her beauty and were surprised to find out that a good lipstick and some eyeshadow is all that she wears. So, we’ve got her top 5 picks!

First off, this girl loves her some classic red lippie. A true blue girl-boss, ain’t she? While most women love the colour, they are hesitant to make such a bold statement. And that’s exactly why when one does it, it’s commendable.

Baby pink


Next on her list is the shade that is feminine, cute yet bold – baby pink. Here, Pavani rocks a baby pink lipstick with a top of the same colour. And it’s totally a slay-slay moment!

Tangy shades of orange


The orange lipstick clearly does not get its due credit. It’s fun, quirky, unique and versatile. You could really wear it with whatever you want. And that is why Pavani lists orange in her top five picks.

The everyday winner, nude


Here, Pavani sports a nude lipstick. And this one also ranks high on her list, just like it does for most of us. Nude lipsticks are a great option for every day or on special occasions. It’s charming and makes you comfortable in your own skin.

Mirchi Red


While red lipstick is already bold enough, Pavani loves herself a good ‘Mirchi Red’ lipstick. She finds it hot and happening. And we, here, totally agree with her.

More power to her and to you reading this! Let’s out get out and make bold statements. Find all your fashion inspiration here and indulge in the powerful story of Gods Of Dharmapuri on ZEE5.

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