Ninne Pelladatha: What Happens When Sarayu Tries To Shoot And Kill Sampangi?

In the latest episode, Sarayu’s plan to shoot and kill Sampangi backfires and now she lies on the hospital bed, fighting for life. Read more here.

Sneha Bale

August 27, 2019


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What’s in some people’s fates? Only trouble. Yes, we’re talking about Mrudula (played by Madhubala) from the Telugu TV show Ninne Pelladatha. Since birth, she has been subjected to torture and pain. Sometimes mental and emotional, and sometimes even physical. Sarayu (played by Sarayu Roy) has had a huge part to play in Mrudula’s ever-flowing tears. When Mrudula adopted the guise of Sampangi, we really hoped for a better tomorrow. But who knew Sarayu would go finding her way to create trouble again? Well, as fate would have it, now Sarayu’s focus has shifted from Mrudula to Sampangi. Although, that’s the same person.

Watch the latest episode here:

Now, Sarayu has gone down to the lowest level possible. She has hired a person, allegedly a sharp-shooter, to shoot and kill Sampangi. The person asked for ‘personal details’ and Sarayu’s beloved assistant sent Sarayu’s personal details instead. Interesting, isn’t it? As we wait for Sarayu to lash out at her assistant, we realise that the moment never comes. Because by the time Sarayu awaits Sampangi’s death news, the killer shoots a bullet straight into Sarayu’s neck. What’s next? She falls flat on the road and blood oozes out of her endlessly.

Sarayu In Ninne Pelladatha
Sarayu in Ninne Pelladatha (Source: ZEE5)

It isn’t until the shooter informs Sarayu’s assistant about his success that one decides to go and rescue Sarayu. Currently, Sarayu is lying on the hospital bed because of her own misdeeds. This reminds us of the times when Mrudula lay unconscious in the hospital fighting for life. Life really does come full circle, doesn’t it? Will Sarayu be a changed person when she wakes up after witnessing a near-death experience? Or will her revenge and anger amplify manifold? Let us know in the comments below.

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